• Slow on the Script, But Here’s a Progress Report Sample

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry,  but I’ve had to change our plans in terms of getting the script ready. I’ll be giving it a good hard look this weekend, and I’ll give you back the script, with my editing notes, on Monday. Week 9 (ie. starting Oct. 27th) we will need to get to work on the art, as well, so I’m going to split you into two groups: one to get the script in later sections finished while the others work on the art.

    By the way, it looks like we might be having a few pages excerpted in a publication sometime soon, so we’ll really need to get going!

    Also, I have an idea I’d like to suggest for the opening and closing pages of the book, as well — something that doesn’t necessarily need much scripting, but which will help us tell the story. We’ll talk about that on Monday, too.

    So have a nice weekend, try to get some work done on your progress report if you have time, and gather your strength, because it’s going to be a busy seven weeks getting this book made!

    By the way, speaking of your progress report, here’s a sample:

    Midterm Progress Report (PDF)

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