Update — the Show! (Club 빵!)

Update: the show we’ll be seeing on Saturday night (7:30pm) is one at Club 빵, in Hongdae.  Yeah, as in “bread.” Yes, that will cost you 12,000 won. The bands playing are listed here. But if you’re too lazy to click, they are Lee Young Hun, Oyster Boys, Banana Bow, and Juck Juck Haeseo Grunge. Worth it, and you never bought a text for our class, so don’t complain! :)

Here’s a map! (Click to see bigger.)

Check the earlier message for a link (at the Korea Gig Guide) to the time and band list. I expect you will be there unless you’ve talked to me with a good reason.

Feel free to bring your friends, of course. Or your enemies. I will possibly have a few friends there.

Next class is a panel discussion about “Are You A Copyright Criminal” and there’s an article in the earlier post for you to read. Also, next week, well finish our discussion (my lecture) on subversive messages in The Host and in V for Vendetta, and discuss the show we saw, and the real name system and related online free speech issues.

Hope you all have a great week! See you Thursday!

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