Divorce in Korea

During the past twenties years, the divorce rate has been steadily increasing in Korea. I personally think there are three main reasons for the increase.
One of the reasons is that today, women are more powerful and independent than before as they get financial ability and high education. In the past, even when couples have big problems in a relationship, or husbands do something wrong seriously, women used to be patient and hesitated to get divorced mainly because of financial problem and their children. However, today, as women work in a society and received high education, they get financial ability and tend to consider their own life first.
The second reason is that couples don’t have enough time to spend together as society changes fast. It causes results of rising divorce rate due to no communication between couples. According to the National Statistical Office(NSO), the 1st reason for divorce is cited as character differences between spouses and it’s approximately 50%. Also, the 3rd reason is trouble among family members. It shows that communication is the most important between couples in a marriage. However, today they are almost double-income families and life is busy, so they don’t have enough time to understand each other by communication.
The last reason is spousal infidelity. As spousal infidelity rate is increasing, divorce rates are on the rise as well. According to the latest news report, 40% of the divorce linked to infidelity.
The divorce rate of Korea ranked third in the world following the United States and Sweden. According to the NSO, 125,000 couples in Korea were divorced last year and fortunately, it has been increasing each year.

University should give proper lunch time

University students in Korea don’t have regular lunch time. (maybe even breakfast). They used to have regular one when they were in hi school, middle school and elmentary school. In university schedule time there is no regular lunch time. Students have to have lunch when they don’t have class. There is a problem. Every day, the classes students take are different so times are different. If I ate lunch at 12 on Monday, I might eat at 2 on Tuesday or not have lunch at all. It’s bad for our health. It breaks  bio-rythm in our body. Do university students have to break their health to study hard. Universities in Korea need to take care of their  students. So they should give regular lunch time so that nobody can skip the meal.

the Nation without Citizens

The government in Korea now set the rules without citizens. The president Lee is blamed because he governs like CEO of a company. He is using powerful leadership which CEOs need. Every rule he tried to set is blamed by citizens. However, the problem is he seems not to listen to citizens. He said he wouldn’t go on Great canal, liberalization of education and privatization of tap water. However, he changed the name of plans and is going on. The nation can’t survive without citizen. Nation and business are differnt. What do you think?

Interracial Marriages

Recently, with increased immigration around the world, interracial marriages are increasing as well. Some people have no problem with mixed-race couples, but others disagree with that. What are the disadvantages of interracial marriages?
First, interracial marriages can make married life harder because communication is more difficult. Also, it’s not easy to understand each other because they are from a different culture.
Second, he or her can have a hard time in adapting to a new country and an new environment because one of the couples has to live in a foreign country.
Finally, people everywhere in the world worry about mixed marriages because of problems their children might encounter. Their kids may lack real cultural identity, or they might suffer from racism.
Although this could be true, interracial marriages are increasing. However, Their divorce have been soaring notably each year at the same time. Therefore, if you want interracial marriages, you need to think carefully about these things.

Write 1 essay in 1 term is good for our English writing

In my opinon,write 1 essay in 1 term is good for our English writing.
First, for students, there aren’t so many stresses. As you know, most university students choose lots of class every term. Especially in Korea, almost all the Korea students have 2 majors. If the English writing teacher lets the students write too many essays, it will make lots of students “crazy”.
What’s more, it can let the students know how to write a perfect essay clearly. The perfect essay means that it is complete and can express the writers thinking clearly. If we write lots of essay, but all the essay is “baby writing” and do you really think that it is good for our English writing?

The air pollution from car exhaust

Air pollution has been increasing according to increasing of vehicle use and the damage of people’s health

and environment are also generated. But, most people don’t know automobile exhaust is the most factor in

air pollution. We have to know automobiles are responsible for a tremendous amount of air pollution and

wasted energy. These problem impact people all over the world, both motorists and non-motorists by

affecting our health, our economies, our community. Legislation to address air pollution has been only

partially successful, and air quality continues to be a major matter in countries all over the world.

Therefore, we cannot think lightly this problem.

Solution to reduce this problem, we can do make efforts.

If we can, avoid driving during rush hours, walk or cycle for short distances and help environment by

emitting less pollutants, try to have a carpool if possible, obey the speed limits, and use our vehicle’s air

conditioning wisely. we need to use our windows and vents in city and stop-and-go traffic

In conclusion, We need to make efforts to clean air on the earth we are breathing for our healthy and

happy life.

The act for me become act for everyone, and that will be the beginning we all get to become happy.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

People whoever might have thought at least one time that they want to look nicer. people who want improve their apparent weak point and look better do cosmetic surgery.

 we think cosmetic surgery is generally for women, but since 1997, cosmetic sur gery on men has increased more than three times. The three most common cosmetic surgery in the US are liposuction, improvement of eyes, and breast augmentation. And society accepts cosmetic surgery now. In a recent survey, about 55 percent of Americans said that they agree with cosmetic surgery. Also about 79 percent of Americans said that they would not feel embarrassed, if their friends and family knew that they had cosmetic surgery.

 However, there are some bad effects in cosmetic surgery. First, it causes the society which thinks appearance is important. Actually, experts say that people who really need to undergo cosmetic surgery or go on a diet are less than 10 percent. Celebrities pay lots of money to do cosmetic surgery and mass media show them. So people regard them as a standard of beauty, and try to follow them. People undergo cosmetic surgery even are not really fat nor ugly. Next, there are side effects. Some people are addicted to cosmetic surgery. People expect a great result when they undergo cosmetic surgery. But this procedure’s problem is that the result is totally subjective. If people don’t like the result, they get operation again and again. They are getting addicted without knowing. Famous actor Demi Moore does cosmetic surgery every 5 years and Pamela Anderson has undergone breast augmentation and retrenchment many times. Doctors say that too much expectation and fantasy about cosmetic surgery are problem and they can cause mental disease.

 Thinking about cometic surgery is changing. We love our body and we want to look great. Inner beauty is not the best thing anymore now. Because of surgical development, people can persue more external beauty. However, we can also think that we are controled by mass media. And there are many side effects, we should think carefully.

The reason and method to protect endangered animal.

By greed of people, wild animals are getting disappeared. That is, a lot of wild animals are getting more

lost their place on the earth by environmental system people disarrange. For example, poaching for self-

protection, decrease of the wild habitation by development, and environmental pollution.

Once the number of wild animals population decreases, they’ll lose their survive ability and although the

factor by people like a poaching is gone, they get reached to extinction. One of the main reasons is because

 of decreasing of the hereditary variety of wild animals’ population.

To one species survives in the wild this hereditary variety is necessary.

Some population survive and the species can continue existence in the rapid environmental change and

threat of various disease. But if the number of some population decreases rapidly, the breeding degreed of

 a close relative gets increased, so a hereditary structure of population is getting more similar. Then, a

survive ability of animals gets deteriorated, and a danger of extinction gets more accelerated and if so, it

can be lead to a extinction of all creature on the earth some day.

Like debating of a state of experimental, edible animals, a moral right of wild animal has to be debated in

the same category too. Because separating wild animal and edible animal is dividing their use in necessity

of people. And I think conservation of nature is clearly necessary method for moral right of wild animal.

The conservation of this time has to be get accomplished in the direction that hands of people don’t touch a

 lot. But, it has much difficulty realistically. In the state of nature, lots of danger are immanent. A threat of

poacher, natural enemy is not safe like protection in the zoo. First, if the poacher violating law kill

carelessly rare animals, it is fair they will extinct. Second, if animals defeat in a battle with their natural

enemy, powerless animals will extinct and if so, ecosystem is destroyed.

And at people’s standpoint, if animals grow up in the state of nature, they can come to the city and threat

many people. Also, at the farmer’s standpoint, maybe they’ll say animals have to be protected in a zoo.

The animals who lived in the nature come down to farm and they can ruin the farming that farmer

cultivated and then, it can be generated damage of property and have a trouble with animal protector.

Of course, like living in nature, animals can’t feel free but, it would be rather than the animals are killed

from poacher and natural enemy.

In conclusion, therefore they can avoid the danger of poacher and natural enemy in a zoo, they have to be

protected in it. And to reduce the damage of farmer and to stop the destroy of ecosystem, they need to be

 protected in a zoo

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