Today is a presidential election.

Today is a presidential election! I’m wondering that who will be elected. When I was a child, I believed that No.1 representative was elected. Ha Ha… in actually, in those day No1.representative always won. However, now I know that it is nothing but a mere accident.

Yesterday, my father called me and asked, “Tomorrow is a presidential election, so who will you vote for this election?� I said, “Father, our nation will be a secret voting! So I won’t tell you who I will vote for.� After a while he threatened me to vote for Mr. Lee. Actually my father is not concern with Mr. Lee. In addition, he does not know well about politics. I guess he just heard many times about Mr. Lee. So he did.

Nowadays is an era of mass communication. Recently Mr. Lee received much publicity from the press. Therefore, he was influential with people. All we don’t know who is he. Is he really eligible to president? I don’t know. Someone is elected today. I hope that a new president who will be elected will make a good nation.