I’ve changed my pattern of using computer after the Media English class. Not quite a lot, but slightly changed in my mind. For example, I feel guilty to download movie (guilty but may last…), or mp3 files. I’ve observed my way of using computer and tryed to find some differences.

I just search and visit someone’s blog when I want to listen to music. Just play it and close the window. This is nothing to me but tells I’m not going to use some kinds of p2p programs that makes me enable to download mp3 files.

I usually download free ware program to use. I really wanted to learn and study the Premire but I gave up and start my works by using Magic one or Windows movie maker which are free to everyone.

And I changed V3 (Vaccine) program to Alyak (Made by East Soft – freeware) that’s more light and faster than before.

I thought that, someone should make programs that can be shared with other people. It’s totally different with the good quality commercial program. So in that part, I guess they (some programer) need kinds of support from government or other company, so that they can alive and make programs consistently. Advertising is not enough to leave them free!

Media’s Function

Medias function has broadened until now. I usually use media for taking some rest in my life. When I tired of my study, I see the cartoon strips, funny video, and movies. It gives me encouragement to study again. The medias function is very important to me. In fact, the medias purpose is giving information to the public originally, but the purpose seems to be broadened for entertainment. In the web 2.0 environment, the entertainments function has been enforced. It also reflects on the time to spare in our lives, and people spend much time on making and consuming the media. I believe the medias function will be broadened in various ways. As we have seen, the media can become means to take a part in politics. I hope the medias function will give beneficial things to the people as medias function has broadened.

Youth unempolyment.

Nowadays I often read a news about how difficult universty graduates get a job.Have you ever heard ‘ lee tae back ’? I’m sure that most of students my age know that word. It’s a newly coined word that means people in twenties who have no job. We call those kinds of people ‘ lee tae back’. Unemployment among university graduate students is so serious to produce the coined word. According to a statistic, Korea has the highest unemployment rate among young people now. Even though the number of university graduate is increasing each year thanks to universities that are mushroomed, still so m any of them have difficulty finding a job because there are not many jobs available for all of them after reconstruction and companies prefer experienced people to a graduated student without real life experience. What ’s more most students avoid getting a job in 3D area. (3D : dirty, difficult, dangerous)  So I am  worried about getting a job as a senior

Mobile phone effect

Once i was walking down the street,  I saw a merchant who was a deaf mute.

She was selling a Chinese stuffed pancake and nobody really bought it as the summer weather was too hot for that particular food.

She looked very bored and hot under the weather but soon she took out her cell phone and preseed the buttons as if she was going to

make a phone call. My curiousness came up and I was wondering how she was going to talk over the phone as she was a deaf mute.

But to my surprise, she posed some actions through the screen instead of talking on the mouth wholes. It was nothing but a sign language that

she was doing over the phone where you can call people through the screen and you can see each other. So people like her, who can not listen and talk

at same time, this function is very useful and effective ones for them.  I was abstracted for a moment to find out and actually believe what i was seeing

at that moment of time.  I also have that same function on my mobile phone, but I never thought it was a big deal or even thought it was kind of

unnecessary function  to included on the phone.  But as i witnessed that sight, all my immature and silly thoughts have washed away. I always have

thought mobile phones are just some kind of accessary for people to show off . But now, I think  it is the most incredible invention that human being

have ever invented  in this world of living.

Throughout the final project

I am sure it was a huge stress for me to actually make the movie clip on my own by myself.

I could never imagine or even tried to cut or edit and create a whole new story of movie on my own.

I mean, I am not an expert at editing movies or clips at all.  Because i can barely manage to even edit images and photos.

But then i had to deal with this movie video clip thing?? I was blown out at this idea. Actually too scared to even start palnning.

Contrary to my expectations, once i downloaded the editing program and i went through the instructions, it was actually easy for me to

understand and actually to operate. But the hardest part for me was that It has to be under 10minutes long where i wanted to show lots of scenes and

parts where i thought it was very interesting to exclude it from the actual clip that Iam going to work on. Also it was hard to cut the scenes where

it was very short that the part that i didn’t want, has came along with the actual part that i wanted. And the musics, it was hard to manage

the volumes and lengths to balance with the scenes that i have selected. Eventually I have done the most amazing piece of work on my own whether it

was good or bad, I was very happy that i actually have done it by myself. But sadly i had trouble uploading it on the website, but now everything is

good. What i learnt through this project is that, I realized how hard to produce a movie or a song apart from whether work is good or  bad. So one thing

came up across on my mind that we shouldn’t just download anything, becuase once you think about it, it’s somebody’s hard work!! So we should at

least download things officially and legally all the time. I guess it was a good opportunity but also a good experience to have this kind of project :)

The final project


During a preparation of the final project, I realized how we can break the law easily.

I downloaded many films to find out the exact movie that I need to make my final project. The one I chose was the Butterfly Effect and I downloaded more than five films before my decision. Some people would say that I abide by the law since I paid a small portion of money. However, we all know that the small portion of money that I paid is not for the film producing company. The money was for the usage of the service to download.

When Gord asked us about the copyright of our final project that result of our effort, I thought that I would not happy with ‘stealing’ even I remixed it. If someone doesn’t ask me for a permit to make a remixing based on my work, it would hurt my feeling. It could be much better though. I’m sure that I would mind when someone try to change what I have done without permission  because I spend lots of time to do my best.

“The result of my effort” made me to feel what people who have been stolen their intellectual properties would feel. My project was really shot, so that it took me about a week, but it was really good experience to put myself in others’ shoes. 

Downloading- What it means to you??

 Previously we had discussions on the subjcet of downloading in the class many times.

We have talked whether it is ok to download songs and movies or it is not ok to download it on internet.

And  we also  issued  that, it should be available for free online as educational supports or not.

We had many contrast opinions on this matter of subject.  But my opinion on downloading it self is ok,

 but downloading itself should be free on line for some certain purposes , i don’t agree with it. Before, I was annoyed with

 downlaoding things because there were few situations where i paid and it was legal to download for example movies or songs, but

i just couldn’t get going with downloading. The Key words that i typed in to find those movies or songs, the words it self was banned from the website.

I don’t really get this still.  I don’t know why that those key words are banned even if we pay the downloading fees and even legally

registered on that web site. I know that downloading itself is wrong even if it is legal, i don’t think there is such thing as legal just because once you

have paid for it’s fee. I bet  the websites that we pay for downloading fee isn’t legal as well. To me, word downloading means equal to stealing other

people’s creativities of work that they tried very hard to produce those works. But as ipods or PMPS  all sorts of technologies  once have produced,

we can not manage to just buy CDs, or Dvds. So i guess downloading has affected by technologies itself .

So therefore you can not really help people who are downloading illegally or legally.

There actually aren’t not much things for us to do to prohibit the downloading access at all unless all the tchnologies dissapear.



Teachers should spank their students as a form of discipline.

I agree with that.



Of course, the best ideal teaching is a education without spanking. But it could be a one way to teach children.


A defintion of spanking in dictionary is the punishment with a physical pain to a children to educate them.


The other reson why teachers spank students is that spanking could be the most effective way to change undesirable students to a good guy.


For instance, the case of America can easily control students because of the small number of the students.


However, because a teacher must supervise fifty student, in korea, the many student is to control difficult.


But spanking can achieve easily educational effect and the effect that control conduct appear immediately.


Media’s Role and Wikipedia

In a newspaper, I got the fact that many people actively take a role in producing information, but they also make distorted information to hell. Wikipedia in Korea is one of good example to see those facts. Accoding to today’s newspaper, the Wikipedia in Korea decided to interrupt compiling 71 words including the name of ‘Lee Myeong-bak’, the president of Korea. The reason is that many people assault the president and distort the information about the president to hell. Media can provoke emotion as against reason, which can cause faulty judgement of viewers. Many visual materials such as video and photos should be shown in two sides fairly. However, people use the media to persuade and support their argument to the public. In the internet oriented world, we need to decide right selection. In my opinion, if Wikipedia use internet real-name system, many users can upload the information in taking their responsibility. It also would be helpful for us to get right information. Maybe, it will cost a lot to practice the read-name system. However, I hope I could see truth and real informations.

In Korea, the problems of economy and jobs.

Recently, in Korea the economy is becoming worse and worse so the positions of job that we can get are more and more decreasing. Yesterday, I watched news about that and I was worried about the economy of Korea and getting a job for me because I should get a job as soon as possible but I heard of ustable employment so it made me sad and more worry about my  future. I wish the problem can be quickly solved and I can get a job as soon as possible. When can the economyn and employment be stable?