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Hi everyone.

I’ve just locked the blog, by changing your status to “subscriber”. This means you can’t post anymore, but you still can login and post comments. I’ll be tabulating the post/comment counts later today, and adding this information to your final grades. You should have a clear idea of your final grades on Tuesday evening.

I’ve had a good semester with you all and hope you had at least a little fun and learned something in this class. While you may find my Intermediate English Composition course a little simpler than the material we studied in this course, I hope you’ll consider other courses I’m teaching next semester. To those of you who are graduating this semester, I wish you luck in your future endeavours. Take care, everyone.
Until then, have a great summer!

bad things in library

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I go to the library frequently these days. When I was a freshman I sisn’t know what is the inconvinience things are exsist in our library. However, these days many of students complain about the system and space. From last year, new machine that we can reserve our seats before we occupied. But, it’s almost useless, because when someone go out of the library, the occupied seats are not changed if people check out by themselves. Also, in the every test period, people get annoying because we are lack of seats. Sometimes people fight brcause of the seats. We have to have more seats in the library. Furthermore, sanitary is awful at that period. Many people use restrooms and even somebody sleep in the library. it has to be considered more than normal season.


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These days,”cyworld” is very popular to Koreans. It is a homepage system that people can make their own homepage. It is founded by Seoul national university students. I think the reason that it became popular is because of the digital camera. Cyworld offer large space for their customers to upload their pictures. People can know what their friends doing and see others pictures. However, it brought some problems. Many popular stars also make their minihompages like us. thousands of people visit their hompages everyday. However, when some bad news came out about a star, people visited a star’s hompy and wrote bad article on their hompage. It is serious problem that keeping privacy is hard for most of the people. We have to use our homepage in moral way.  

Shall we dance?

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I like dance very mush, I mean not in the club. I saw a movie “shall we dance?” Richard Gere was perfectly great in tha movie. I saw this movie again at home. I decide to attend in a dance class with my friend. In our school there are few dance classes which is very popular. When you want to take these course, you have to get up early in the morning of register day and have to signed in at 9′o clock. I did that and could attend in a dance sport class. It was very fun and I regret that I didn’t majoring in dance sport. My friend and I practiced everyday. We got A+! Actually I learned Korean dance before. It was also very fun for me. I wanted to learn it continually, but because of the study in high school I had to quit the institute. After graduating I want to attend in a institute of dance sport. It’s very sad that I can’t do my favorite thing.  

research about intercultural communication

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in the last year we had a research with several friends about misunderstanding about intercultural communication. one of the conversation style is a voice tone. Most foreigners answer that they get annoyed when Korean women put on a whining voice for their boyfriends. we are so surprised this result, because we didn’t know that we put on a whining voice. Especially, Canadian doesn’t like this tone (8person of 9 person) By this result, we can know that Korean woman are full of charm and it makes foreigners upset, especially single foreigners. Also most foreigners answer they thought people are about to fight when hear voices being raised. On the hand, they are not told calm down by Koreans when they raise their voice, we can know that Korean talk more loudly than foreigners. We should speak more quietly, especially in the transportation, because foreigners make misunderstanding that Koreans are fighting and they are very rude.


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I don’t like speedy things. I like dance kinds but I hate motorcycle, skiing, and bycicle on the hill. Last winter I went to Kangwon do with my family. My sister suggest me to go skiing. I hasitated because I knew that I don’t like it and I’ve rode it just when I was young. But at that time ski board was very famous, because many stars enjoyed it. My sister and I brought  ski board and practiced it. I thought it’s easy to ride than ski. I went up to the hill with my board.However, when I reachd to the hill I couldn’t manage the board. I cired ‘oh, my gosh!’ thousand times. Finally I brought it on my hand and walk down. I got fever at night. I couldn’t enjoy my trip with my family.     

Madame Butterfly

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I went to see an opera madame buttefly in seoul. it rained a lot that day. I was promised to go there with jiyoung, but she suddenly had to do something, wo I went with boyfriend. It was just second time for me to see a opera in the theatre. I was worried about that I can’t understand the story, but we could see the korean subtitle. Madame butterfly is a Japanese womwn who has Amerian husband. As soon as they got married her husband went to the America because he was an officer in america. Butterfly felt sad and waited for him. She had a baby but her husband didn’t know about his son. He got married again in the America and came back to Japan to bring his son from butterfly. finally utterfly suicide in his room. I really enjoyed it. I will see a Miss sigon in the last of June.    

car accident

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I’ve never had an big accident in my life. It was also a small accident. When I was in Australia, I went to the Domino’s pizza to get a discount. I hate this system, I think the price has to be equal. Anyway it was very crowded in the store. So my friend and I went outside to wait for our pizza. I sat on the bench behind the parking lot and chatted with my friend. At that time I fly on the air suddenly, and than fell down on the floor. I had no idea and so surprised. A truck was parking to the backward, and he didn’t know that there was a bench and ME. I was so frightened and I couldn’t say anything. The driver was also very nervous and asked me if I alright. I thought that I’m OK. I tested myself on the floor. I walked, ran, and sat down. I had no pain and no wound. I told him that I was ok, and than got the pizza. I made a phone call to my mom in Korea and talked about it. She got really angry and I made a mistake. She said that I had to get a phone number of him. I knew it, but I was really all right. But 3 months later, I started pain in my back born, especially waist. When the weather is cloudy my born is really painful.     


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Movies are popular because people are great watchers. They like to watch other peoples’ lives. They like to live vicariously. By going to movies, we can escape our own lives, share other emotions, and imagine ourselves as someone else. Many of our lives are not as adventurous or glamorous as the lives in movies. We do not battle evil all day long and then go back to our luxurious penthouse apartment. We just go to school, do our homework, et, talk to our friends, and sleep. We need a little excitement in our lives and we find excitement at the movies. Humans are very emotional creatures. We all like to cry and laugh. Fortunately, there is not much to cry about in my life so I like to go to sad movies where my heart strings can be tugged. I also like to go to comedies so I can laugh. I tend to cry and laugh more in a dark movie theater than I do in broad daylight. Now I am a student, but I know someday I will be a scientist or a politician or a famous model. When I go to the movies, I can see my role models. I see how they act, what they wear, how they talk. I can prepare myself for the day when I will be like them. Even though my life is quiet, I can go to the movies and watch someone else’s life. I can share their emotions and their everyday life. I wonder if they would like to share mine.

We live in the 21st Century

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Now that we are in a new millennium, we can assume there will be changes in the world. I predict that the changes will be in the areas of information dissemination, global alliances, and family structure. In the past decades, the computer was responsible for changing the way information was organized. Now, the computer plus the Internet is changing the way information is spread. Information will now be universally available to anyone with a computer. You will not have to go to libraries to do research; you will not have to travel to visit scholars; you will not have to go to a bookstore to buy a book. You can do all of this from your home on the computer. In the past decades, the nations of the world aligned themselves with the United States, the former Soviet Union, or with one another in a loose alliance. In the future these alliances will be more fluid. Some countries will align politically with one country, but economically with another. Some countries will share technology and other information, but will not trade together. Some countries, which have long been enemies, will align militarily for regional security. The family structure will not be based on a mother/father/child pattern. Single parent families will be more common and often the child will not be a biological child of the single parent, but will be adopted. Other family structures like domestic partnerships will become more accepted. Whatever the changes may be, whether in the way we receive information, the way nations align with one another, or the way family units are defined, you can be sure that there will be more change. Change is a constant.


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At the chrismas party in our major we made cookies again. Professor.Kim gave us 15 kinds of cookie recipy for us. I decided to make them really really delicious. So I almost analyze the whole of pages that professor gave me. ( it was in English), and than went to Nam-dae moon market to buy some important ingredients. Finally in the moning of the party, I and many of volunteers and professors started to make cookies. I put my all of energy into it. I measured amount of sugar and butter exactly.We made about 8 kinds of cookies. it looked very delicious, just it burned little bit. At the party, people loved it so much. Some people brought it to the home. I felt so happy.

I got pride again. I tried to make cookies at home again. I exaggerated my skill to my family. My parents and sister even grandmother wited for a long time to eat my wonderful cookie. However I ruined again, because I burned whole of them. I was so disappointed again. I’m worried about my future. Can I make a propal meal for my husband?   

My friend is moving in

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 A friend of mine from university is moving to my city, so I have been thinking about what she would and wouldn’t like about it, I’d say the quality of life here, as far as fun and activities are concerned, is very good. The quality of life isn’t very good, though, in other important ways. Living in a lager city is exciting, but you pay a price for it. There are lots of interesting things to do, and good restaurants with food from around the world. There are museums, art galleries, and lots of movie theaters. However, there’s a lot of traffic most of the time, and finding a parking space can be a problem. There are also a lot of people living here. Sometimes it feels too crowded. In a big city, housing is very expensive. It costs a lot even if you’re just renting an efficiency apartment. The good side is that there’s a lot of choice about where you want to live and how you want to live. You can find apartment of all sizes in different settings. Houses of equal variety are available for sale or rent. If my friend likes the great outdoors, she might be disappointed. Unfortunately, my city doesn’t have a lot of wide open green spaces, and there aren’t a lot of trees on the streets. We’re not near the ocean, and the mountains are a day’s drive from here. Still, we do have some natural areas. For example, we have a beautiful big park. It even has a lake in the middle that’s used for ice skating in the winter. There’s a different kind of beauty in the city. Thinking about it, I suppose whether my friend likes my city will depend on whether or not she likes exciting places. I hope she likes a lot of variety as far as housing and activities are concerned. If she does, then this is the place for her.

Our society is getting older

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   Today people are living to be much older than ever before. Some of the main reasons for this are the improved health care and better nutrition available to everyone. Medical care is more available to people. Although not everyone can get the best heath care, everyone can get basic heath care and advice. When people are seriously ill, they can go to a public hospital and be taken care of. Years ago, health care wasn’t available to everyone. Some people didn’t live near a doctor or a hospital, and others couldn’t pay for the care they needed. They made do with herbal medicines or folk remedies. Of course, some of these worked, but not for the more serious diseases. The quality of medical care has improved. That’s also a factor in longevity. Doctors know more now about what causes disease and how to care it ,Years ago, doctors only knew about the most basic diseases and cures. Medicine was not very advanced. You could die from something as simple as an infection from a cut. Now we have antibiotics and other medicines to help cure infections.  People are also living longer now because of better nutrition. We ‘re eating better and more healthfully than we used to .That’s reduced the number of people with heart disease and cancer. We try to eat low-fat foods and eat more vegetable and fruits ,which are now available year-round.
    Improved medical care and healthy eating habits has greatly expanded our life spans. What we need to do now is make sure that everyone in the world has these benefits.

spend all your money or save it?

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“Save it for rainy day.? That’s my motto. When I have a choice between spending my money or putting it in my savings account at the bank, I always put it in the bank.I will have a lot of expenses in the future like my education, travel, and unforeseen emergencies. I need to have money set aside for these expenses.

Education is expensive. I can’t depend on my parents to pay all my bills. I have tuition, room and board, books, and incidental expenses to pay for. I’ll try to get a scholarship to cover some of these costs, but I know I will be responsible for a lot of the expenses. If I spend my money now, I won’t be able to pay for my education. I need to save money for my education. Traveling is also very expensive. I don’t mean vacation trip. I mean travel to get to and from school. Transportation costs a lot even special reduced fares by using an electronic pass. I first have to get to school and then, of course, I have to return to my family. Going back and forth will be costly, but worth it. I need to save money for these trips. Emergencies could arrive at any moment. I might have an unexpected illness while I am at school. There might be costs that won’t covered by the school insurance. One of my family members may need help, then I have a responsibility for giving money to them because I am the first child. You can’t predict emergencies like this, but you can be prepared. I need to save money for these emergencies.

When you are not rich, you cannot spend your money carelessly. You must plan ahead. I know in my life, I will have expenses for my schooling and for travelling to and from my home. I know that I will also have unexpected expenses related to unforeseen emergencies. I must be prepared. I need to save money for these events.



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In 2004, I worked as a representative of our major. In, spring, we had a school festival at tha time. In English&culture, usually have made hamburgers and sell them to the students. ( Actually most of customere were professors, because they thought our hambuergers are not popular to the students) I can’t cook not very well. So, I was so nervous when we were making the meat. However American professor James Brown gave us the  recipy and we just followed it. After that day, we began to sell it. We thought it’s quite delicious, and proud of it. My friend who majoring in ecomomy cmae to me, and I sold it to my friend. Specially I put 2 piece of meat for her. I asked my friend if it’s very delicious or just normal. Than my friend said it is too salty. I was very disappointed. Anyway we sold it in that day. I was wondering that why it was salty. Everytime when I cook something, I usually think it tastes very nice! But, others don’t like it. However I will try again. I want to make just one thing very nicely, not “Ra-myoun.”

Kong Still Remains King

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 As much as I love this film with the same furiousity as the beast himself, I also know that this film will not be loved nearly as much by those who will see it after me. Some will complain about the running time. Others will find something wrong about the structure. And some will just not know what exactly they seen and not like it all the same. I know what it is. Peter Jackson’s King Kong is 200,000 kilowatt jolt through the skull. He blindsides you with images and thoughts and feelings that when you leave, you have to take a moment and reflect. Making a decision about the film while watching it or just after seeing the film you will not realize that you got everything you expect from the film AND with second helpings. Scratch that…THIRDS.
The story of a man, a woman, and an ape doesn’t need to be described. You know the story already. What this version does is tweak it a little, give some emotional depth and give us a heroine who deserves not only our sympathy (she REALLY has it bad in all three versions), but our respect. Ann Darrow in this film is a survivor of the Depression. Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) is a physical performer when we meet her. She’s starving, but likeable. When the theatre she works for goes belly up, she’s offered a job doing burlesque. By fate or chance, she refuses and finds herself in the clutches of Carl Durham (Jack Black), rouge filmmaker and scoundrel. She expiriences a slight romance that evolves with her and Carl’s screenwriter Jack Driscoll (Adrian Brody).
When she is taken by Kong, she quickly assesses the situation and begins to survive. Only when she realizes that Kong doesn’t mean to harm her that she finds a kindred spirit in the ape, a fellow survivor who uses brute strength where she uses cunning and quick reflexes. I love the scene where she realizes this and uses her street acrobatic skills to show Kong she’s not afraid of him. That bond is really what this film is all about.
The film really feels like a trilogy in itself. The initial scenes in New York and on the boat feels like a romantic comedy. The events on Skull Island feel like a completely different movie, mostly horror due to all the creepy crawly and big-teethed things around. When we go back to New York, it’s almost entirely an action movie. But what binds all three “movies” inside the movie is the heart given by all the characters, real and CG alike. Even as Carl is greedy and almost vile, we see he doesn’t mean any real harm. He just wants to be accepted by his peers. What he doesn’t see is that he destroys everything he touches because he’s not careful about what he does to others. But don’t get me wrong, there are amazing sequences all the way around. While the first act doesn’t have anything real exciting happening, the last two acts are almost entirely wall-to-wall. In fact, between dinosaur stampedes to fights in the vines to a brawl on the Empire State Building, we’re talking serious sensory overload. Jackson sees this film like a runner sees a marathon. He’ll give you time to catch your breath, but he won’t stop moving to do it. That’s probably why you need to give yourself some space after watching the film before making any decisions. But the real star of this film is Kong. When he’s on camera, you feel his presence. You understand his primal need. He acts like an ape; brutal, irrational, and impulsive. Ann might be a kindred spirit to him, but she’s also a prized possession. He wants to protect her the only way he knows how. Peter Jackson could have given us just a reheated plate of nostalgia in remaking Kong. Instead, he does something special, he gives us understanding of these characters. He gives us his vision of Kong, the one that’s been in his head for thirty-something years. And some of those ideas even surpases the original in many ways. But he doesn’t idolize Kong. He allows the ape to be an ape, nothing more, nothing less. True, a couple of special effect shots aren’t up to snuff, but it did more right than wrong, a WAY lot more. But still, this film will tank. I hope I’m wrong but American audiances aren’t interested in such complete wastes of time such as character development or complete flights of ingenuity. Yes, it is long, but works. When people ask me about this remake, I always stated that the only way that it will succeed is if Jackson indulged on every fantasy he has with this story. Even I didn’t know he had THIS many fantasies.

Evaluating teachers

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I think it’s a good idea for schools to ask students to evaluate their teachers. This informs teachers of how students react both to their teaching methods and to them as individuals. Teachers can weigh the criticisms and change what they think needs to be changed. Praise from students is also valuable. It can reinforce teachers’ opinions about how they’re teaching and give them confidence. It’s also helpful for school administrators to hear what students think about their teachers. It keeps administrators in touch with what’s going on in the school. It also gives them some idea of which teachers effectively reach the students. However, good administrators know that student evaluations need to be reviewed with a keen eye for prejudice and adolescent attitudes. After all, and evaluation is a good way for students to get back at teachers who expect more of them than they want to give. 

Evaluating teachers is also a good exercise for the students. They have to organize their thoughts about what they think of their teachers. In that way, they pinpoint for themselves what they expect of those teachers. They begin to understand what they value in a teacher and what is phony or useless. Evaluating their teachers is also a way for students to think about how they would evaluate themselves. Are they working as hard as they should in class? Is that why their teachers are sometimes critical of their work? Isn’t that what a teacher should do—push us to try harder? Thinking about these things can help students do better in class. At the very least, they will understand better what is expected of them. 

Student evaluations of teachers also make students feel as if they have a voice in what happens in their schools. It makes them feel as if they’re part of the education process when their opinion is valued by the administration. Finally, it teaches them responsibility. 


TV Shows

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  If I am asked to send one thing representing my country to an international exhibition, I’d send something unexpected: one week’s worth of television programming. These programs would best represent my county. They show how the citizens of my country live and what they think and feel. The dramas on television are very realistic. They show how people in different parts of the country go about their daily lives. They show how they earn their livings, how they deal with crime, and how they interact with each other. The dramas also show how people in various economic groups dress, what kinds of houses they live in, and what kinds of education their children receive. The comedies indicate what people in my country think are in a fun way. Even though the situations are exaggerated, they reflect how my culture deals with very basic human situations. People everywhere understand falling in love, raising a family, and earning a living. The documentaries show what issues we’re concerned about and how we want to resolve them. Some documentaries tell stories from our history. Others look into the future. They speculate on how we’ll function as a country in the new millennium. Still others examine our political system, its failures and its successes. The sports programs show what we think about winning and losing. They demonstrate how we feel about fairness. Some of the wealthiest people in our country are the athletes we watch playing professional sports. This, also, is a reflection of our values. Television is a common cultural experience in my country. It reflects my country’s unique personality. I think it would be the perfect way to show what my county is like.

Plan ahead or just take risk?

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Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. If our great explorers and scientists did not live by this creed, where would we be? I think that we must all take risks in our lives, but these must be calculated risks. Like the great thinkers of our time, we must plan carefully, seize all opportunities, and reevaluate our plans. 

There is no such thing as a chance occurrence. Columbus in his search for the Indies drew maps, plotted his route carefully, and set out. Madam Curie worked diligently in her laboratory recording every aspect of her experiments. You need to have a careful plan so you can measure your success. Even with a careful plan, changes occur. Columbus was looking for the Indies, but ended up in the Caribbean. Lewis and Clark were looking for a river passage west, but discovered much more. You have to be ready to take advantage of new things as they occur. When things go against plan, you must be ready to change direction. Columbus didn’t bring back spices from the East Indies, he brought back gold from the West Indies. It is important to see the positive side of things. Make your mistakes work for you. 

You will never succeed in life if you don’t take chance. But before you start, you must plan carefully so you are ready to take advantage of every opportunity and turn mistakes to your advantage. 

Teaching older people

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Many of us believe that young people have nothing valuable to teach older people. However that is not always the case. Young people can teach older people about technology, young culture, and young-related social issues.
Young people are usually better at using new forms of technology than older people can learn to use computers from young people. This is true of other technology too. For example ,I taught my grandparents how to use a  video cassette recorder when I was thirteen years old. They didn’t know what it could do? Showing them, now they use it regularly. Older people are usually not familiar with youth culture, and younger people can help here too. This is important because it can help older people live a more enjoyable life. For example, popular music is generally youth oriented, and older people don’t always listen to it. However, when young people teach them about it, they may come to enjoy it. My
 Grandmother, for example never listened to popular music before I introduced her to it. Note she and I listen and dance all the time. I plan to teach her about another piece of youth culture —rollerblading—-very soon!
Of course, there are more serious issues about which younger people can teach older people. As with computer, today’s children have grown up knowing about AIDS and school violence. That is not true for older generations. Here, again, children can teach older people about things that are important to everyone. I know there are people who would say “you can’t teach an older dog new tricks.? However, it’s plain to me that the young have plenty to teach the old if they take the time to try. When they do, I think both gain a new appreciation for each other.

Can We Judge People Based on Their First Impressions?

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Any opinion is, in fact, a judgment. We must be able to decide whom to spend our time with and whom we’d rather forget. In my opinion, this type of judgment is best after we get to know other people. First impressions are not always accurate impression. Judging a person based on a first impression does save time. There are more people than anyone could possibly get to know in one lifetime. It is frustrating to waste time getting to know someone, only to find out that your first impression was correct and that you really don’t like him or her. So is it a waste of time getting to know people your probably won’t like? That seems to be a valid point of view, but I believe that it is not the best attitude to take. 

It’s more humane to spend time getting to know people before judging them. I know that I don’t always make a good first impression even when I truly like the person with whom I am interacting. We all have bad days, I wouldn’t want to lose a job or a potential friendship simply because I picked out the wrong clothing or said something wrong. I think everyone deserves the chances make a second impression. If we all base our final opinion of others on first impression, it would be hard to get to know anyone. There is always more to people than meets the eye. If we don’t give someone a chance, we may be missing out on meeting a life-long friend. That would truly be shame. 

Clothes show people behave

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People do behave differently depending on what they are wearing. The reason is not because they have changed, but because people’s reactions to them have changed. 

Certain clothes are appropriate for certain situations. A man can wear a suit to work and a woman can wear something professional looking like a skirt and jacket. When everyone dresses the same, there is no problem. It is like a uniform. Imagine going to a law office to hire a lawyer. One of the lawyers is wearing a suit; the other is wearing jeans. Which lawyer do you want to hire? Similarly, a mechanic works on cars all day and wears clothes that can get dirty. It would be strange to find a mechanic wearing a coat and tie to repair and engine. 

People will treat you differently depending on what you are wearing. It will depend on how well they know you and where you are. If your clothes are unusual for the situation, they may treat you with disrespect. I remember once I had an old army coat. I wore it into a fancy candy shop to buy some chocolates. The woman was very suspicious and a little afraid. I couldn’t understand her reaction since it was still me underneath my big, old ugly green coat. I was dressed like a bum and this caused the salesperson to react negatively to me. Consequently, I was even more polite than usual. 

This experience shows me that sometimes I do behave differently because of what I’m wearing. In this case, I had to balance my appearance. Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m rude if I dress up. 

Advanced English Compositon class

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  When the beginning of this term in university I worried about advanced English Compositon class, because it’s really difficult to write an essay or article in English to me, as well as I felt that I lacked assurance my English grammar ability. Even though I’m unable to be satisfied with my writing, a feeling of beyond my capacity is disappear to me. In this class, we had lots of works somewhat, the process of this class is not difficult to follow step by step. Thanks to professor’s consideration toward his students and sometimes endurance we can keep up with the class. When I saw professor’s great pains to raise  his students’ participation during class time, I was so sorry about that. Also, in order to study English well, not only writing skill but also speaking, listening and reading skill is also important thing. I decided to try to read many books written English as possible as I can. Throughout this class, I got some feeling when I write something.           


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  It’s 3: 40 a.m. When I was a high school student, I usually pass a night without sleep in order to study, of course the next day I nod in a doze in school. After I entered the university, I hardly ever awake all night. Now it’s final test season. In my case, I already had an exam last Thursday, but I’ll finish the period of test about the week after next week. Unfortunately, most of classes in my university are not finished during this term, so I don’t know about the range of test exactly. Besides, a few subjects of classes didn’t take midterm-exam several monthes ago, so the range is more enormous I think. Just as that time, I’m likely to apply for a company in order to have a job maybe during my final exam. I think I can really realize that the busiest life as a sinior in university. Also, I have to take a part-time job in an institute as well as 2 study meetings for preparing job interview every weekends, to tell the truth, I’m so complex. However I know that during this time I have to have an affirmative mind toward all kinds of works, that means it’s the best ways to control not only my condition but also my works what I have to do well.        

What do you do for healthy?

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Our healthy is the only things we really have in the world. You can take away our money, our house, or our clothes and we can survive. Take away our health and we will die. That is why I eat healthfully, exercise regularly, and keep up my social life. 

Eating healthfully is important to maintain one’s health. I try to avoid foods high in fat like French fries or cookies. I also try to limit the amount o f animal protein I consume. I never eat more than a few ounces of fish or chicken a day and I rarely eat meat. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of fiber and vitamins. It is important to know how to cook these foods so the nutrients are not lost in the cooking process. 

Your muscles must continue to be strong to support your body as it grows older. Exercise helps the bones build density and helps you maintain your posture. A regular exercise program of cardiovascular training and weight training is an important part of keeping you healthy. 

Friends are an important part of one’s health. Studies have shown that people with a wide range of social contacts get fewer colds and have fewer complaints than those who don’t. Laughing is also an important part of health. I like to laugh with my friends and I always feel better when I am with them than when I am alone. 

By eating properly and exercise regularly, I can keep my body at an appropriate weight and can maintain my health. By spending time with my friends, I can keep my mind as well as my body happy. It’s all part of my recipe for healthful living. 

written complaint or oral complaint?

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When I want to make a complaint about a defective product or poor service, I would rather make my complaint in writing. Writing a complaint allows me to organize my points of argument in a logical manner. If I’m really unhappy with the way I’m being treated, I want to present my reasons clearly. I don’t want there to be any confusion about why I’m complaining. I like to list my complaints and then list supporting examples. That’s the best way of making sure everyone is clear about what I;m saying. 

Putting my complaint in writing also ensures it won’t seem too emotional. If you feel that you’re been treated badly or taken advantage of, it’s easy to lash out. Losing your temper, though, is a sure ways to lose your argument. Yelling is very satisfying at the moment, but it only makes the person you’re yelling at mad at you. It doesn’t get them to agree with you or to offer help. 

There’s also the issue of the person you’re dealing with. If you complaint in person, you have to talk to whoever is there. Chances are that he or she isn’t the person responsible for the defective product or the poor service. Often the people who take complaints are not the people in change, unless you’re dealing with a very small business. Yelling at them isn’t fair, and doesn’t do anything to get a refund or satisfaction for you. You need to reach the person in charge. The best way to do that is in writing. 

Writing about your complaint and sending the letter registered mail also gives you written proof. It’s clear that you tried to settle the matter in a reasonable manner within a certain time period. This way, if you need to take further action, you have physical evidence of your actions. 

Writing a complaint has the advantages of organization, effectiveness, and fairness. That’s why I prefer to write rather than personally present my complaints. 

Working in a Large Company

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I would like to work in a large company rather than a small one. A large company has more to offer in terms of advancement, training, and prestige.
 In a large company, I can start at an entry-level position and work myself up to the top. I could start in the mailroom and, once I know the company, can apply for a managerial position. In a small company, there is not as much room to grow.
 In a large company, there are a variety of jobs. I could work in sales, in marketing, in distribution, in shopping, or in any department I applied for. I could be trained in a variety of positions and would have valuable experience. In a small company, there would not be the same opportunity.
 In a large company, there would be more prestige. I could brag to my friends that I worked for one of the biggest companies in the world. I would always have something to talk about when I met strangers. If I worked in a small company, I would always have to explain what the company did.
 Working for a small company would not give me the same opportunities for advancement or on-the-job training as working for a larger company would. Nor would I be as proud to work for a small company—unless the small company was my own.

traveling alone

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Traveling alone is the only way to travel. If you take someone with you, you take your home with you. When you travel alone, you meet new people, have new experiences, and learn more about yourself. When I traveled with my friend, I spend all my time with that friend. We eat together and sightsee together. When I travel alone, I spend my time looking for new friends. It is easy to fine other people, either other tourists or locals, to eat with or have a coffee with. When you share meals with strangers, they become friends. When I travel with a friend, my routine is predictable. We maintain the same schedule that we do at home. When I travel alone, I adopt the rhythm of the place I visit. I might take a nap in the afternoon and eat dinner at 11 pm. I might go to a disco and dance all night. When I travel with a friend, we know how we will react to things. When I travel alone, each new experience requires a new reaction. If I don’t try new things, I won’t be able to decide if I like something or not. Shall I ride an ostrich or eat one? I think it is always important to do things on your own. You can fine new friends, collect new memories, and adopt different ways of doing things. Isn’t that the point of travel? 



My parents

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  My parents have very similar several things. First of all, they have the same appearance. My father has a short black hair my mother has a short brown hair. In additon, both of them enjoy listen to music for example popular songs for in 50~70′s. Whenever they stay at home, they always be with that music. Another similarity between my father and my mother has a same hobby. About ten years ago, they have enjoyed climbing famous mountain that is located in all parts of the country every weekends. They always talked me climbing is better than staying at home. I also feel happy whenever I see the appearance that they go up a mountain together. I think the unify between another persons is wonderful thing, but the more amazing thing is that like husband, like wife.  Anytime that I see my parents, I’d like to live with my husband like my parents. 

Education and Experience

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It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why? “Experience is the best teacher” is an old cliche, but I agree with it. The most important, and sometimes the hardest, lessons we learn in life come from our participation in situations. You can’t learn everything from a book. Of course, learning from books in a formal educational setting is also valuable. It’s in school that we learn the information we need to function in our society. We learn how to speak and write and understand mathematical equations. This is all information that we need to live in our communities and earn a living. Nevertheless, I think that the most important lessons can’t be taught; they have to be experienced. No one can teach us how to get along with others or how to have self-respect. As we grow from children into teenagers, no one can teach us how to deal with peer pressure. As we leave adolescence behind and enter adult life, no one can teach us how to fall in love and get married. This shouldn’t stop us from looking for guidelines along the way. Teachers and parents are valuable sources of advice when we’re young. As we enter into new stages in our lives, the advice we receive from them is very helpful because they have already had similar experiences. But experiencing our own triumphs and disasters is really the only way to learn how to deal with life.

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