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I’ve just locked the blog, by changing your status to “subscriber”. This means you can’t post anymore, but you still can login and post comments. I’ll be tabulating the post/comment counts later today, and adding this information to your final grades. You should have a clear idea of your final grades on Tuesday morning.

I’ve had a great semester with you all and hope you had fun and learned a lot in this class. I’m supposed to be teaching Intermediate English Composition next semester, so if you liked this class, you may consider signing up for that class.

Have a great summer!

Human destroys nature

Human destroys nature and gets to be recovered by nature. As many industries are developting, a lot of new symdromes appear. A syndrome of new building is one of them. I moved into few days ago. I felt that syndrome for the first time. I felt dizziness by chemical smells and tingle pain in my eyes. I thought thatour family should die if we sleep closing every window. Until then, we always open windows, and buy some sansevieria. It is known for making the air fresh. I can’t see that effect with my eyes really, but I think it works well. The small plant gives me comfort that I’m in the fresh air, so it blows out my stress a little. Technology keeps growing, but I don’t think we are growing. People can’t see values or importance in lives any more, and pursue material things. We don’t know and preserve nature, and we do when we only feel we’re in danger. However, nature gives me everthing every time. I think the technology thing is enough. Until now, we have lost a lot of things we had. We should take it back and keep it.   

Is trust understanding?

Do you believe people understand other people? Absolutely not. We are every different people. We used to say that we can’t even know about ourselves. We often misunderstand between acceptance and understanding. As above, we can’t understand a person exactly, but we can trust or love a person by accepting. What we just do is to recognize our differences. We used to have arguments with friends. It is usually because of our mistake that we know them so much. When a person is different from whom I used to think, we feel ucomfortable. What people give someone trust means people are ready to accept just someone. Whenever we try to change someone to fit me, we will lose friends around us. We should aware we are different. The closest friend is not yours. We don’t have to do mistakes any more.

continual sexual violences

I saw the TV a few months ago about continual sexual violences. First, I was so scared. Criminals are divided into two types: one is the people who can be changed by training programs, and the other is the people who should be prevented by law. The TV showed about children sexual abuse. The director  interviewd criminals and victims. How was that? Criminals didn’ recognize what they did at all. They said that victims also liked doing that at that time. As a result of studies, psychologists came to a conclusion. Criminals had some mental problems, so they couldn’t recognize their fault at all. Therefore, it wasn’t an end that we sent them to prison for years. If they came back to society, they would do it again. Actually, they did.

In prison, there was a training program to change criminals. Trainers showed them an interview that had with a child. He was a victim of sexual abuse. He seemed to be abnormal. He was very distracted, hid under a table, and cried out. After seeing that, criminals didn’t say anything. Until then, they didn’t know what was wrong. They said that I did wrong, and I didn’t really recognize that people didn’t like it. On the other hand, there were people who thought they were right. Those criminals didn’t need any program. It didn’t work at all. They should be supervised in isolated area.  

Criminals usually have bad or wrong memories in their childhood. We used to say that most important parts are made up in childhood. Its power is very as strong as it can dominates our whole life. Now, many children are exposed to serious danger. Protecting them from it is what adults should do. The most important thing is not to enter a prestigious college. We should live as human. Don’t forget this. 


My eyes get red

My eyes get red. On Friday morning, my right eye was red. I thought it was going to be fine, so I wore contact lens as usual. It was a big mistake. I didn’t feel any pain, but I looked like a patient. Until then, I still thought that I was tired. It is because that I didn’t have much sleep at all. I arrived school. Every people who saw me said, “what’s your problem with your eye? It is very red.” I suddenly felt that my eye was swollen, but it was late to go to the hospital. On Saturday morning, I went to the hospital. It was not serious. I just had a little injection with my eyes. My left eye seemed be fine, but it had a little injection, too. It is because of contact lens. My eyes have some scratches on the white of my eyes, and protein that was left on lens injures my eyes, too. I usually wear lens for over 12 hours. I can’t use contact lens for days, and I don’t use that so much any more. I want to protect my eyes.


We need bravery at every moment. Then, we feel it is very hard to get it. When a man says I love you, he wants it desperately. People can make everything change by bravery. If he says nothing to a woman, it is nothing. If says something to her, it starts. Of course, results are important. However, more important thing is what we did in every moment. Everything isn’t going to be what we want, so we stop trying. We fail more that succeed. Are we losers? No. Doing nothing is the worst. Water should flow. People should move. A lot of opportunities are in everywhere. What we just do is to grab and open them. Why are we just looking?

Oppression by Broadcasting

Have you ever felt that you are dominated by broadcasting? I have. There are many shows about showing lives of stars like Section TV. I don’t think it is a program about new news in entertainment areas. It is almost about that who marries whom, who is arrested by something, who bears  babies, and so on. I don’t want to hear that. That is private life, and it’s not a big deal. Most people marry someone, have babies, and divorce. Why do we look common things like something special? Somebody can tell me you don’t see that. I know, and I am doing that. However, I can hear most news about stars. Broadcasting companies dominate people, and the press also makes stars very special or other class people. I don’t understand. Why do they do?  

A little kitty

I can remember that day. It was Summer last year. I heard a kitty crying. Then, I went out to fine it. I couldn’t. The crying kept going on for few days. I was annoying and worried about it, so I tried to find the kitty again. I found it in the blocked neighborhood’s alley. The cat was a baby, and it seemed to die. It was weak very much. I went over walls to take it out of there, but I couldn’t. The kitty was so scared. I fed some foods and milk, but it doesn’t eat anything. I was so worried about it, and I couldn’t do anything. As time went by, suddenly, i found out. I didn’t hear the crying. I went outside and looked over that place again, but I couldn’t see it. Where did it go? I sometimes think about that kitty now and wonder. Is it alive? I hope that.

Love Letter

Do you know a movie Love Letter? I don’t watch that movie yet, but I read a book Love Letter a few years ago. I don’t life romantic stories so much, but it is a little different style. It is a little mysterious, funny, and moving. I am moved by a last scene that a woman Itsuki sees her pitcture drawed by a man Itsuki. I read that scene in the subway going for school. If I was at home, I would cry out. I like both movies and novels, but I think novel is better. Because people depend on many parts for visualizations, the range of imagination should be narrowed. We can expect stories, but we never know features of characters in novel. We can imagine whole stories like watching movies in our brain. I can draw a picture on my head reading Love Letter. I don’t know real features of actors or actresses in the movie. I have different images compared the movie. It is my own movie, so I like reading books.

Pediatric Obesity

Pediatric Obesity is called at age from infant to adolescence. Th numver of the obesity is increasing gradually all over the world. Its major causes are as followed. First, it is because of the heredity, but it is not absolute condition. For example, a child that has a obese parent has a high probability when compared with a child that doesn’ have. It is just a potential. If children do regular exercise, they don’t have to be worried about that. Second, it is because of eating habits. Especially, overeating is very bad for everyone. If people overeat and never do enough exercise, everybody gets obese. We should care about having a night snack and cutting down on sugar intake. We also should be careful for stress. Stress make people overeat, so people should find ways that get rid of stress by like sports. Third, it is because of some disease. Disease sometimes causes obesity. It is very serious for children. It is called symptomatic obesity, it also causes intelligence disease or growth disease.

After graduation..

         I want to ‘free lance’ type after graduation. I don’t want to office worker because I have free soul. If I get a job like office worker, I’ll cannot stand just one day because that would be boring to me. Moreover, I’ll cannot work with happy mind because office worker cannot have free time and active works than free lance.

         Also, I want to job related to English. Even though I don’t have a very good English skill, I like English rather than other people. I know about my English skill, so sometimes I keep aloof from foreigner. However, I accumulate my English skill, so I believe I’ll can have a very good English skill, one day. I believe my passion of English, so If I can have job related to English, I’ll perform the work. So, I put spurs to my English study for my happy future.

The 5 most important people in my life.

       First of all, my parents exert influence on me. Actually, almost every people are influenced by their parents if they live together. ‘Live with some one’ means they can share their habit, thinking, behavior with each other. So, they can have similar life. I think that is very important thing. Moreover, Sometimes they played a teacher, a counselor, a leader role. These have enormous influenced upon my life. So, my life is out of existence without my parents and I don’t say about my life without them.

        Next, I influenced by two teachers. One teacher taught to me about enjoy of English language. I started studying of English language when I was 13years old. That time, I met him and I took his English class. One day, even if I didn’t studying many times, he praised about my English skill. After this, I studied hardfor match his expectations and as time goes by, he praised me, more and more. And then, I made remarkable progress in English and interest of English ability were growing. Other teacher implanted my self-confidence. He change over me from an inhibited person to an active person. The marvel is that he was English teacher, too! 

         Lastly, cartoonist Yazawa Yi. She presented about ‘life’ through her comic. I realized through her comic that goal of my life. Even though she is a perfect stranger to me, I’m already talk about life with her. Maybe, her comics will exert influence on me, continuous.

About my self.

         Let me introduce my self. I want to say some important thing about me. When my close friends come to mind about me, most of them think me with strawberry. Because I crazy for strawberry. Actually, my things almost related to strawberry. I like strawberry of fruit, Of course, I like things that related to strawberry. For example, when I stop off in offprice store, I buy cup that decorated with strawberry picture or character. Even my bodylotion, shampoo, soap have scents of strawberry. I enjoy collection that. It is important thing in my life.

         My life is always with a broad smile on my face. Sometimes, I think my features very foolish because occasionally that get out of bounds. But smile is my original nature and actually I like it. Smile give a good things to me. When I was highschool student, nevertheless my name is not so easy to memorize, one teacher remembered my name, very fast. When we first met, she called the roll and I answered with smile. On this account, she remembered my name, pretty easy. From that day on, I found smile’s merit. I’ll always with smile during my life.

         But, I have one big problem. I don’t well get in touch with people. Even I don’t well get in touch with my best friends. I know that is very bad habit and I tried to change that habit. But, I failed. And now my friend don’t expect to my call. I have cell phone but why don’t I get in touch with people? I don’t know that reason. But I’ll try to change this habit over and over.

         To add to this, I have many special life ways, merits, and bad things. But I like myself. I want to many people know about me and get to know them with my these personality.

My childhood dream

        When I was young girl, my dream was to be a pianist. I took first lessons  on the piano at the age of seven and since then I got to like it. So, at that time, I wanted to have a piano. But I already knew that my parents didn’t easy to buy that, because they didn’t as rich as buy a piano. So I never said I wanted to buy a piano, never. But now I think, If I say to them buy a piano, they probably got that. Anyway, therefor, Unlike other friends I didn’t practice on the piano at home so I practiced at academy, only. Nevertheless, teacher said I was talented than other children so I thought I have the ability to play the piano. Moreover, I believed firmly I would to be a pianist. By reason of that, I was more hard practice the  piano and more like that, maybe. I can say I lived with piano at that time.  I was so happy when I went to piano academy after school class. I had a musical contest during the year of 5th grade and I won a prize several times. But, I waked up from a dream through these musical contests. In these contests, I realized that I didn’t have ability as much as I would become the pianist. Since I was disappointed in contests, I gave up playing the piano and I hadn’t play the piano satisfactorily, untilnow. 

        Sometimes, I regret. Even if I didn’t play the piano very well, I think music suited my personality prefectly. If I’d played the piano, I would to be great student in the department of music. So, my child dream abide in memory with pretty remembrance and inconvenience.

I love Harry Potter

When I was in high school, my father bought the book Harry Potter for me and my sister.

At first I didn’t like it because I don’t actually like that kind of genre. I think these kinds of fantasy stories don’t make sense. However, my sister told me it is really nice and she recommend to me to read. So, I started to read it.

When I became interested in Harry Potter, I noticed that I had been prejudiced, because I thought fantasy novels were just about Dragons or the world of wizards. The beginning of the book was really boring to me. However as time gent on it, I become more interested in that book. The book has many characters and it has lots of new ideas that I never thought about. For example, the characters in the book, they use the word ‘Muggle’. Muggle mean the people who can’t do magic. In the book, there was a sport which called ‘Quidditch’. This sport uses broomsticks, and the rule of the game mixed with basket ball and soccer.

Many things that I couldn’t imagine at the real world are fascinating. This is the biggest reason that I love Harry Potter.


If could I have dinner with any famous person in the world..

 If I could have dinner with any famous person, I meet Yazawa Yi. Do you know about her? Maybe, you don’t know about her. She is Japanese and cartoonist. Moreover, these days, she is best cartoonist in Japan even Korea, Taiwan. I have known her through her comic. She printed about 12 comics. Her comics were almost written down a boy-meets-girl story. But her comics different compare with other boy-meets-girl story’s comics. She make me think my life. By reason of that, I love her comics.        So, If I could have dinner with Yazawa Yi, I talk about her comics and our life. One of that is this : When I was 11th grade, I read your comic ‘Paradise Kiss’, first time. At that time, I didn’t know why I had study, why I had enter the University and what is my way. But I was restored after read that comic book. You showed right ways to me. And then, I concentrated upon my study and here I am. I can’t find the words to thank you! 
        Also, I’d like to receive her sign with simple illustration. My heart beat quickly because I imagine that situation. If I could meet her, I’m very happy.

Why Teenagers Want to Get a Job?

Many teenagers want to get a job for their extra money. When partents don’t want them to job they might say “I want a job for an experience of what social work is like.” About the idea for teenagers to have jobs while they are still students, I partly agree but I actually disagree.
I partly agree if they could get very helpful job. Helpful job means the job which the students could learn something from that. If they are working in a place where there is nothing to learn, it means they waste their time and also it could affect them badly.
I disagree about teemagers having a job because if they have a job, they might hardly concentrate on their studies. I think the student’s job is studying. So they have to study hard and try to be first-rate student. And then, they could get the job even better jobs.
The other reason why I disagree is, if they have a job when they are teenagers or students they have to spend lots of time for work instead of getting together with friends. There are few things that only teenagers can do. If they didn’t do that, right now they feel alreight but as time goes by they will regret why they didn’t do. We have to make more memories with frends and sxhools intread of emrning money.
For me, it’s partly ok to having a job, if you think it could afect you in a good way. However, if you don’t have any reason why you need to work, you shouldn’t get a job. Instead of that, concentrate on your studies and connecting with your friends to make memories.

Has Prepared Food Change Help to Improved the Way People Live?

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?
Food has become easier to prepare. So that change the pattern of poeple’s life, because of the prepacked, canned, and frozen foods, we can save our time to cook. It happens also because of improve technoligy. The machines like refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stove and electric rice pot also help to reduce the time to cook. Because of these things, we can save out time and do other things. Also this kinds of thing affects the choldren’t as well as the adult’s eating habit, they became the cook by them-selves even they are young. Young children could cook it they know how to use microwave oven. Even the man who never cooked by himself can easily learn how to cook with microwave oven, beside these things we could eat healthfyl food easier than before.

How Movies or Television Influence People’s Behavior?

Movies and television influence people in two way. One is positive and the other is negative. I think, all the influences have alternative attributes. Like, if we often watch foreign movies or television programs, positively we can see other cultures even we didn’t experience, so through thath, we can broden our knowledge about other culture. Then we can learn from other culture. In the negarive way, we can get the wrong general knowledge about other culture, because even we watched only one side of the culture, we easily can think that, that’s all about the culture.

I found more negative influences from movies and television. For the children, the cident movies and cartooms can infulence them to be violence. For youth, the are affected by the deterioration of the society. Because television programs and movies about the sexual relationships before marriage are rampant. Also generally, movies or television influence us mentaly and physically.

Because of all the things above, we have to shoose right prograns or movies to watch, and also we have to think about its influences before we watch.

Earth Quake survivors face bird flu risk

There was big Earth Quake in Indonesia. It was happened at night so many people couldn’t defence themselves. Many people died foem that and some suvivors became homeless. Some quake survivors on Indonesia’s Java island have taken shelter in chicken sheds, exposing themselves to the rixk of contracitg bird flu and other diseases. More than 100 people left homeless by the quake were sheltering in six large poultry sheds built from bamboo. One shed was new and had not yet been used to keep chickens. Others, which had been cleared recently, were only partially cleaned and still had chicken droppings lying on bamboo slats.
As you know the prople who have lost their homes how have no option but to take shelter in places where the are rixk of constrating viruses. I think it is very dangerous situation and the government of Indonesia have to find another opitions for the people.

“Cool Biz” Dress-code Campaign Launched

While I was reading a newspaper, I saw one very interesting article. It was about Business dress-code. They said that the government is launching a campaign nest week to urge its people to dress lightly–without a tie or a jacket–in the summer to cut emergy comsumption and to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. I think it is really interesting campaign and really good try to save the earth.

I also think that if there were a ‘Cool school uniform’ Dress-code campaign lanched. Many high school and middle school students think their school uniform is not really cool. Especially for the boys, they have to wear the pants. I think if they changed their pants to shorts, it will be better I think.

Human relationship.

Relationship is very important to me. Surely, I think that is also most important to everyone. It’s more important than other things, For example, study,money,power ,and so on. At the last my life,I think, there will be many people around me and I will wanna to not money or testimonior but seeing them. Relationship is worthy.


Do you know World Vision. It is a international NGO institution. It was established with Chrisyanity’s creed in 1950. I has supported to one child for some extend money. It’s small money in Korea ,but it’s much money in that country. It’s is used help to child, and walfare system around one’s own. I’m pleaseing about that facts.

Talking with my father.

I was talking with my father. It’s not unusual. But It’s extraordinary to me because I sometimes no time to talk with my father. We was talked about our future. My father is both sallary man and student. His major is China language. He said he difficult to the language. I agree with him because I was also hard to English.(Though the kind of lauguage) It’s a great time to understanding each other. 

Final graphic project.

I was worked about computer graphic homework. It’s a final project. And then I was worked very hard. However, my final work break out error ,and a piece of work is broken. And I upset but I was restart the work. Next, my second final work is almost finished. But, it was broken,too. I was upset and I was going to the work tomorrow. Finally, my fanal work was finished at noon yesterday. I think it is great work because It is containing my effort. 

Korea fighting!

Now soon, there is opening match with the ToGo in German. I’m expecting that Korea defeat ToGo. ToGo Teams are not sure that his skill is whatsome extend. But, exactly Korea’s skill is more surpass than ToGo’s. I am thinking that. There are starting cheering to our team in the sky square at 10:00pm. I am going to cheer Korea up with friends in that time. I hope that Korean teams are the best soccer player.

My health

I have a fever and headache. So I have some problem to speak a lot. I caught a cold. Besides I have a runny nose. During the classes, I snuffled all the time yesterday. What a terrible situation! Moreover the medicine of cold is too strong, it makes me sleepy. After I take medicine, I sleep 5 hours straightly. I think it because I slept without quilt past few days. Be careful not to catch a cold. Another terrible thing is a fur on my tongue. You know it is really bothering when you speak. I am afraid because I have an oral test on this final. It is on the next week. I wish my fur disappear before I have a test. You have to take your health care! I do not want you to have a difficult likes me. 

The Sportsmanship

 True sportsmanship rests upon this foundation: that a player would rather lose a point, and indeed lose the game itself, than break the rules, just as a soldier prefers to be killed rather than to be a coward and neglect his duty.

 These days, world cup inspiring so many people. And players had a big responsibility for win. But plyers always think about the true sportsmanship.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

 One day someone placed a large stone in the road. Everybody who came by got angry because it lay there, but nobody touched it. just when it was getting dark, a farmer’s boy came by. he was very tired, because he had worked hard in the field for many hours. But he said to himself, “it is almost dark. if a villager should come this way, he would fall over this stone at night. i will move it.” though it was a heavy stone, he pulled, pushed, and lifted it. Then he found under the stone, a bag of money and a piece of paper with these words: This money is for the man who moves this stone from the road.

 One good turn deserves another.


The word liberty is often interpreted incorectly. The dictionary gives many exact definitions of the word; briefly, it means “freedom restrains or control.” Such a brief definition leads to misinterpretation. Many people think liberty means that they may do whatever they like regardless of the effect. Liverty is not uncontrolled freedom. Real liberty involves thinking of the other fellow and giving up your desires if they will harm him. if liberty is to be enjoyed by everyone, then everyone must give up the idea that it means feedom freedom from all restraints or controls. Everyone must live by the true meaning,”genuine feedom.”