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Hi everyone.

I’ve just locked the blog, by changing your status to “subscriber”. This means you can’t post anymore, but you still can login and post comments. I’ll be tabulating the post/comment counts later today, and adding this information to your final grades. You should have a clear idea of your final grades on Wednesday evening when we meet for the last time.

I’ve had a great semester with you all and hope you had fun and learned a lot in this class. I’m supposed to be teaching Intermediate English Composition next semester, so if you liked this class, you may consider signing up for that class.

Have a great summer!

Australia – Japan Match

Australia is going to play their first 2006 World Soccer Cup match against Japan tonight. I personally hope that Australia win because I like Guus Hiddink who was our our wonderful coach in 2002 Worldcup. Second,Japan is kind of our rival. We have not good feeling about Japan for historical reasons. Third, we think we have to never lose aganist Japan  about Korea-Japan match in any sport. And  it’s okay that Korea team lose against other country, but we can’t tolerate losing against Japan team. So we don’t want to see Japan team win for important first match.

Writing diary is good for your stress.

Student have many stress. They get stress when they get “F” score, or break their lover. They try to get solved stress. For example, they drink alcohol with friends, or go to a Noraebang(the Korean com-mercial singing establishment). Sometimes they cry. There are good way, but writing diary can be best way. There are some reason. First, you can express your nagative emotion. This process have treatment effect. For example, I felt sad today, I wrote this emotion and why I felt this. After than, I feel more comfortable. Second, you can change your think. Because writing your thinking adjusts your intention. So, writing diary is good for you.

Terrible rat

I don’t like rat. when I was young, rat trespess into my house. It nibbles my curtain and some food like apple. Rat has many problem. First, they infect many disease. For example, plague. Because rat is very dirty, they make many disease. Second, they eat everything like food, wall, curtain, and dress.  So, we have to dumping this. Finally, It is difficult that catch them. They bigger than bug, they are more dangerous. So, we are careful them. we have to clean the kitchen and haven’t to spill food in home.This is way of prevention

My Brother

I  have one  younger brother. He is in military service now. After 7 days he finally  have his first vacation from military,and he can stay home for 10 days. Wow It is really happy event for our family.We all have missed him,and Especially my mother has really missed him since he joined the military.We once visited him about two month ago, that time his his skin became really dark, and he was promoted discipline. I felt sorry for him, but he is recruit, and I believe as time goes by he will adapt to the new culture. I belive he have really important experience for korea men for his duty,and he can become brave, diligent  and responsible person.

Way of make test plane.

People agree that plan is more helpful for test. But they make a plan hardly. so they don’t practice this plan. Also they think making plan is difficult. There are some way of make plan for test. Fisrt, you write your subjects and date. Second, you think what is most important subject. You arrange this subject in early date. Then, you divide subject category. Next, you arrange subject in date. Finally you just practice!

The Korea’s Beautiful Culture

Our country from the example game·entertainment·play·feats and so on play much convey .  This Minsoknol’s contents are that pray good harvest almost. Specialists’ play is various kinds including mask dance and play that do at specification time is ridgy Juldarigiyutnol.  Specially, children that enjoy top childishness, institution next term and so on be . Also, because four seasons is clear, nature spectacle who our country changes in season is very beautiful. These beauty is our country’s source of pride that want to look certainly to other country people. . Our country is beautiful cultural asset as well as nature spectacle. Seoul’s Kyung Bok Gung or Namdaemun  Or pavilion or ancestral tablet hall in whole country each place is beautiful always and picture or calligraphy etc. several work of arts are Alrigopeun cultural asset widely to other country people.

My Favorite Singer

 I like a female singer, Amuro Namiye among all other singers. But there are several other reasons.First of all, she is good at live concerts. The most important thing for singers is the ability to actually sing!! Second, she is fashionable. There is even a group member called “AMER” who repect her image.Third, she achieved her goal through all difficulties in her life. For these reasons, I like the goddess of J-Pop, Amuro Namiye. Even in Korea, the commonly known term, “Amura Syndrome” has made many Amuros. Just like any other pop idols, Amuro’s music, fashion and gestures had a great impact on each individual fan. 

Where is this place?

I sometimes go there because I was dirty or tired. This place is divided two part by sex. If you into there, you will feel hot or warm. Inside of this place is composed by tile, and filled steam. This place have many mirror and water. Almost woman don’t like go there with friend becase they are shy to show their body line. We must pay for interance. Also, we need bring something like soap, towel, shampoo, and bodylotion. Can you know this place?

I love Ice Cream

Nowadays I like eating. I feel happy if I have anything to eat like cooked rice, fried chicken, candies, fruits and ice cream, etc. Particularly I prefer ice cream. Green Tea ice cream among Natur Ice Cream is so delicious. Though it doesn’t make any difference to me if it’s only ice cream, I like Green Tea ice cream preferably. I also like almond bongbong particularly among Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.When I put it into my mouth, chocolate begins to be melted and then I can chew almonds. Ice cream doesn’t make me bored even though I eat ice cream every day. If I am forced to eat only ice cream without having cooked rice, I think I can do so. I ate three pieces of ice cream at a time when it was terribly hot this summer. Really ice cream was more delicious than cooked rice in summer.I’m afraid I’ll get fat because I eat too much ice cream.


Red Devil!

 On 9th of June, Worldcup in Germany 2006 will goes up. Korea is in G group with France, Switzerland, and Togo. What do you hit upon about worldcup?For me, I think about the ‘Red Devils’ first. The cheer up show of the ‘Red Devils’ . Isn’t it great? So let me talk about their cheer up show a little. I guess they will prepare a lot of cheering songs and card sections and go to Germany to cheer up the players in the Worldcup. 2006 The official cheering song of 2006 Worldcup in Germany is ‘Red, go together’. I’ve heard once, it sounds great when we sing to encourage the players.

There are more songs such as rock version ‘Arirang’ and ‘Oh, victory Korea’ by Yoon, Do-Hyeon. Also we should mention about the street cheer up of the ‘Red Devils’ . People will harmonize with the ‘Red Devils’ to cheer up at the Seoul City Hall, Kwanghwamoon street, and etc.

They will perform the ‘vertex dance’ for cheering up at Kwanghwamoon street. I really look forward to the Worldcup.


The world-cup started

The world-cup started some days ago. I guess almost every Korean has been looking forward to it. I suppose our team couldn’t do as well as last world-cup, but I hope our team succeed in going to first round tournament. Some people want them to do too many things. I’m just happy to see very famous players who belongs to England or Spain leagues play together. The opening game was Germany versus Costa Rica. It was fantastic. I was shouting “wow!” throughout the game. Today night, Korea vs Togo match is held. I hope we all have great time and great result.

Part-time job

I have had several part-time job experiences since I was middle school student. All my jobs were related with delivering, such as pizza, chicken and Chinese food. I enjoyed my job, because I liked to motorcycle and I could make pretty much money at that time.  Now, I am a undergraduate and really need money, but I can’t find proper job. I don’t want to be deliverer again. I don’t like to motorcycle again, but one thing I miss is it’s pay. I tried to get part-time job as a waiter serving at hall, but it’s tiring, and pay is not enough. Nowadays I realize how tough making money is. I hope somebody recommend me a good part-time job.

I like Camping

 Every summer, my family takes a vacation. Prefering mountain to sea, we always go to the mountain. We takes two or three day rests in tents near the valley.  In the morning we climb the mountain and swim in the afternoon. When we swim in the valley, we used to slide on the rocks or dive into the water. My father cooks noodle for us while we swim. It is so delicious. We have a meat party and play the game at night. Last of all, I love the time with my family. As we lying and listening to the sound of mountain and water, it is my best time.


Have a Good Vacation~

 This is the tird time summer vacationin my school. so I decided that I’m going to have a great, memorable one. First of all, I will wake up in the morning and take a walk.
I’m going to find a prat-time job and make some money so that I can see some movies, go for shopping,and make a trip with my friends.
Moreover, I’ll spend more time with my family because I haven’t done it recently. lastly, I’m going to loose my weight by exercising during the vacation. I’ll get beautiful cloth and make a boyfriend.

Looking for a job!

Are you looking for a job? The want ads in every paper in Korea have list of available jobs. In addition, the Internet has transformed how jobs are advertised. Jobs are posted on the Internet, application can be filled out and returned, and resumes can be sent -all with in minutes. This may lead to a phone contact, and that may lead to an interview. After you make contact and get a personal interview, here are a few important. First, always offer positive information. Second, discuss only the fact needed to respond to the question. Third, be truthful.

Interview Etiquette

When you Interview for job, audition, or club, there is a etiquette.

Be on time! In fact, be sure to get there early. If you get there just in time, you will still be nervous from the finding the right building and the right office. So, get there early, find the building and the office, and then copose u !When Koreans people meet someone[have an appointment], they are late 20~30 minutes. It call ‘Korean time’. It will give uncomfortable to  examiner. May be you can’t pass thel interview becasue of your habit. When my club interview university students, people who were late was failed the club.

Lost but never forgotten

Although John Lennon is no longer with us, his music is still very much a part of people’s lives. He was a remarkable individual who spoke in a language that everyone could realte to. During the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, his optimistic message of peace, love, and happiness emerged. Today, perhaps more than ever, people recall the themes of his songs and look to them for answers. In the years to come, I predict that Lennon’s message will continue to countless generations.

It is summer!

Summer is my favorite season. I like hot than cold because it is easy to deal with. Usually I would go icy place to feel comfortable. I prefer to eat ice coffee than hot one. I don’t have a good body shape but I like swimming! Plus, I like rainy days. I have got so many beautiful memories on that day. So, I am look forward to coming this summer badly.


I like computers. I really don’t understand computers very well. Whenever I have a problem, I have to get someone else to help me. I’m always afraid to try to fix it myself. I guess I am computerphobic. My mind just went blank. It went blank. It went blank. Just like my computer screen does when I have a problem, and I have a few problems with my computer. There are always technical problems with computers. THe whole world worries about technical problems. They are so unpredictable and unreliable. What else can I say about computers? I only use them for word processing,surfing the enternet, and e-mail. That is all. I know there are lots of oher uses but I wiil never get involved in them. I do not understand computers.

I’m lazy

My mom nags me constantly. For one thing, my room is never clean to suit her. Although I hang up my clothes once a week, she expects me to put them away every night before I go to bed. She also hates it if I leave the food, wrappers, of cups in my room. I know I’m lazy but I am always tired with another things, mom.

My sweet home

I love the location of my new house. For one thing, it is a very safe neighborhood, and I am not afraid to go out alone. There is almost no crime, and most people don’t even lock their doors. In addition, the neighboorhood is in a convenient location. Lots fo stores, schools, and restaurants are nearby. Within a few miles, there is also library, health and fitness center, and movie theater. Most of all, I really like the people who live in this neiborhood. They are friendly and helpful and seem to want to keep our community safe and clean.

Wake up!

 Hello, everyone!

We are here today to get how to shake off sleepiness. A final exam is getting close. Almost all the students are worried about napping during exam time. So, here we have some tips for preventing a nap.

First, you can use how to stimulate sense. For example, you take a cold bath or expose yourself to the cold wind. Also, listening to noisy music is another method. Thing of this nature helps you to shake off sleepiness in stimulating a sense.

Second, Have some coffee. Because a caffeine is a powerful stimulant. But be careful of your health. If you have too much coffee, It cause you to side effect. It proper a cup of coffee a day.

Next, A simple stretching is helpful. If done properly, Basic stretching not only call your body but also increase flexibility. I introduce you some useful movement. First, With left hand, pull right elbow across chest toward left shoulder. Repeat on other side. Second, Interlace fingers and turn palms out and then extend arms in front at shoulder height. And then, hold 10 to 20 seconds. Fourth, Chewing a gum or nuts helps to you.

When you chew something, you use your teeth to break it up in your mouth. It have an effect on stimulating brain.

Still, Don’t you awake from sleep?

In that case, You’d better invest only ten minutes in taking a nap. You are going to take a long nap and then maybe you can study efficiently.

Web Craze – PC rooms

The Internet has really taken hold in Korea. More than 34% of Korea’s 47 million people are logging onto the Internet, compared to 18% in Taiwan, 15% in japan.

You can see the PC rooms everywhere in Korea! For younger Koreans the biggest catalyst for the Web craze has been the called “PC rooms”. Three years ago, there were only a access fo such cafes, but today there are at least 20,000. You can’t throw a rock in Seoul without hitting one, and at any hourof the day or night people are playing games, sending e-mail, doing hmework or looking for online love.

The Coming of the Hydrogen Economy

  An age of “hydrogen economy” is near. The “hydrogen economy” refers to an economy based on hydrogen, a clean and resourceful energy. Hydrogen, whose atomic number is 1, is now regarded as a major next-generation energy source for Korea’s future economy and society. The current age of the “carbon econmy” based on petroleum and coal will end. This will make way for the age of “hydrogen economy” in 10 to 15 years. Then, why hydrogen? An almost inexhaustible supply of hydrogen exists on the Earth. It never causes air pollution as does oil or coal, but produces energy efficiently. In a word, hydrogen is an economical and democratic energy. The term “hydrogen economy” was first coinde by Jeremy Rifkin, a professor of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, in his book entitled “The Hydrogen Economy.” In the book, Rifkin predicts that the world will see a reduction in oil production by the year 2020, which, in turn, will inevitably cause conflicts among world countries to secure oil reserves. He adds that hydrogen will come into the spotlight as a new energy source that can be obtained most easily on the Earth and never causes air pollution. Under these circumstances, enterprises and auto manufacturers, in particular, are moving fast to rise to the occasion. Major auto manufacturers, such as Ford, GM, Toyota, and Hyundai, have introduced new models of hydrogen-powerd automobiles one after another. They will commercialize those vehicles in earnest by 2010. Electronics manufacturers are developing prototype models of fuel cells that will replace exisiting batteries for electronics products. Once the hydrogen enerhy is commercialized, no country will attempt to use their natural resources as “weapons” because of the wide availability of the new energy. The OPEC will lose strength. The oil dollars the oil-producing countries currently hold will run out in the near future. In contrast, technologically advanced nations that can produce hydrogen ennergy at minimum costs will emerge as resource-rich countries. This is why major countries around the world are focusing their efforts on developing hydrogen energy.  

Argument for Zoos

In the past, zoos were places where we saw single animals in small and empty cages. However, today zoos are changing in their design. Animals have more space, and some live in groups. Many zoos try to put animals in an environment that is similar to where they live in the wild. Some people who believe animals’ rights argue against having zoos, because they think it is wrong to put animals in cages. However, I support the idea of having zoos, because they allow us to see wild animals that we cannot see otherwise, and they help endangered species from becoming extinct. Zoos have valuable roles to play. They have an educational role and help to preserve certain species. It is important for animals to be treated well and kept in an environment which is as natural as possible. Many zoos today are responding to their critics and changing the way they keep animals so that they can continue their role without harming animals.

Ages in foreign countries are confusing for Koreans! -Vice Versa

When I go to another country I always confuse how old I am in there. Most country people give thier age from date of their birth, whereas Korean give their age from the year of their birth, or comthing like that. When asked their age by an foreign, Koreans might reply : “I am 22, but in foreign years, I’am 20.” Therefore, to be helpful, just think first and give the foreign your age in foreign years. Usaully, foreign(including my foreign friends) don’t like Korean ages because it looks old enough !

Two Sides of a Face

The left and right sides of the face are quite different. Each side shows different aspects of our personality. First, the left side of the face reveals the instinctive and hereditary aspects of our personality. When we are under stress, for example, with feelings like fear, anger, or even intense happiness, force is put on the muscles of the left side of the face. When we examine the left side of the face, our well-being and troubles show up more. For instance, wrinkles on this side show the strong emotions we have experienced in our lives. On the other hand, the right side of the face reflects our intelligence and self-control. This side of the face is usually more relaxed and smoother. That is why movie stars prefer to have this side of their face photographed.

The 3 most Important People in My Life

My parents are very important for my life. Because they are always with me. They have taken care of me. and taught me how to live a life and guided me not to go astray. Thanks to parents, I am here. 

My sister has had significant influence on my life. She is now working in “Samsung?, the Korea’s biggest company. Through reminding my life I remember my sister as a very well studying person. I can’t tell you how much she gets from the company, but she is working in a pretty good working conditions. I always wanted to be like my sister. Still now she is my model in life. I hope to become like her in some day.  

I have a real friend. Her name is Sa-Ram. I met her when I was high school student. As I was second grade, I was same class with her. Even though we met for the first time, we were familiar with each other soon, because her environment was similar with mine. So we always passed time together. Surprisingly, she had many point of sameness with me such as hobby, taste, situation, so I did like her then I like her who is warm-hearted. So, I still feel happy whenever I sometimes meet her.


Japanese Table Manners

Like other countries, Japan has its own strict rules for table manners. These rules date back to the sixteenth century when the Ogasawara system of manners was developed. With the creation of this system, table manners reached an art form. These rules involve how the food is served, how the chopsticks are handled, and the order in which the foods are eaten.