While I am currently working at a university in South Korea, we are experimenting with the Blackboard software system, which fulfills most of the functions that this site previously served. However, this site will be going live again soon, for a number of reasons. (Not the least of which being my concern regarding the retention of my teachin records, syllabi, and teaching materials in the future. This site has been a great repository of teaching materials, and one open to the public, no less.) I therefore expect to begin using this site again in Fall 2015.

In the meantime, you can contact me at my email address: both [email protected] or [email protected] are fine, they both work.

I’m leaving the below, for posterity’s sake and because it’s a good template for when I need to make a contact page again…

Welcome, all of my students.

My teaching and office hours schedule for this semester is listed in the table below. My office is TBA, and my office phone number is TBA. I will soon add official office hours to the class schedule timetable below:

Class PeriodMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
1Practical English 2
2Presentation in EnglishPractical English 2
3Presentation in EnglishPractical English 2
4Practical English 2
6Debate in EnglishPractical English 2 Debate in English
7Debate in EnglishPractical English 2 Debate in English
8Practical English 2 Presentation in English
9Practical English 2 Presentation in English



Please note that this is a tentative schedule: for all I know, it might change! Likewise, my office hours listed above are subject to change, either for a particular day or in general. I will announce all changes on course websites. If I am late for Office Hours, please don’t give up: I may show up a few minutes later, as sometimes class can go overtime, or I may need to talk with students at the end of class for a few minutes.

I may possibly be in my office at times other than those listed, and if I am around, feel free to knock on my door. If I am available, I will meet with you then; if I am unable to spare the time for some reason (such as preparing for a class to be taught later that day) then we can set up another time to meet. However, don’t bank on me being around at some time not listed: if you need to speak to me, arrange it with me ahead of time!

If you are planning on visiting my office and want to make sure I am available (for example, not in class or a meeting, or tied up with something that cannot be put aside) and will be there, just email me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Afternoons are your best bet if you’re trying to just drop in, but since my office is shared, I will have to consider the other professors and can’t have it all to myself all the time.

If you would like to contact me, the fastest and best way is to email me. I’m often online and usually reply to student email within a few days, though sometimes, I do get a lot of student emails and cannot get through them all at once, which may push my response times to a week or more–if this happens to you, ask me (politely!) at the end of our class together and I’ll probably remember your inquiry and give you an answer on the spot.

In case of an emergency, you can contact the office assistant for our department, who can contact me directly. The office assistant will not, however, give you my cell phone number. Please don’t ask for it: I’ll tell you a horror story that explains why I don’t give my cell phone number to students. I promise, the office will call me directly if your situation is truly an emergency. Realistically, I might notice an email from you sooner than I would a phone call, though, so try both.


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