CUK, Dept. of English Language & Culture Courses (2006-2012)

From the beginning Spring semester of 2006 until the end of Fall semester 2013, I worked as a professor in the Dept. of English Language & Culture at The Catholic University of Korea. For your convenience I have indexed the courses by date, and, below that list, by course title.

Course Index By Course Title/Track:

This listing just includes all course titles above, organized by subject. Specific class pages are not linked, since I taught multiple sections of the majority of these classes. For course titles marked with an asterisk (*) I created and designed the course as a pilot class, or was the first to teach it as a new course. Of these, many of the new courses became regularly offered course options within the Dept. of English Language & Culture (or, in one case, the Dept. of English Literature).

Oral Fluency Skills (Listening & Speaking):

  • Intermediate English Conversation 1 / Listening & Speaking 1
  • Intermediate English Conversation 2 / Listening & Speaking 2
  • Public Speaking 1
  • Public Speaking 2
  • Debate

Writing Track:

  • Elementary Composition / Reading & Writing 1
  • Essay Writing 1 / Understanding English: Reading & Writing 2
  • Essay Writing 2 / Intermediate English Composition
  • Advanced Essay Composition
  • Journalistic Writing 1 *
  • Journalistic Writing 2 *
  • Creative Writing 1 *
  • Creative Writing 2 *

Content-Based Courses:

  • Greco-Roman Mythology & Biblical Narrative *
  • Literature in a Multicultural Society (i.e. Multiculturalism in Canadian Literature)
  • Media and Culture in the English Speaking World, 1
  • Media and Culture in the English Speaking World, 2
  • Understanding Anglophone Culture(s)
  • Understanding English & American Culture Through Film
  • Understanding English-Speaking Culture(s) Through Poetry & Song
  • Understanding English Through Drama
  • Understanding the Popular Culture(s) of the English Speaking-World
  • Literary Perspectives on Business Across Cultures *

Special “Creative” Courses:

  • Multimedia English Education — Special Topics: The Goose Dad Comic Project, (Fall 2008) *
  • Multimedia English Education — Special Topics: The Cult of English film project (Spring 2009)

For many of these classes, I also created and managed online discussion boards or class blogs, some of which are preserved, as well as online signup pages, self- and peer-evaluation forms at Google Docs, and more. Links for forums and classblogs are provided in the sidebar, which makes it overwhelming to sample but which was the best way to organize the links for students during the semester.

If you would like to see the actual course pages, those are listed in the full Course Index by Date below.

Course Index by Date:

Here follows a full index of the links for all the material for the courses I taught there, including posts for class syllabi, homework, and so on. They are listed from most recent to oldest.