On Preparing for the Presentation Contest

For students preparing for the Presentation Contest, I prepared a handout a few years ago that extensively covered the steps involved, from thinking up an idea, to developing a thesis, researching, developing an argument, to writing preparing for the presentation itself. You can download the English version of that document in two parts:

However, since that document is in English, some students have expressed a need for a Korean translation. Luckily, Prof. Kim and her translation class have completed a translation of Part 1 of that document (which anyway is the longer and tougher part of the document). It is now available here:

For those planning to make a presentation, the questionnaire you need to fill out when applying for an appointment with a professor for a consultation is here:

And here a couple of sample proposals submitted in the past by winners of the Presentation Contest:

Here is the Evaluation sheet we use to give all contest participants their feedback. You can clearly see exactly how important each skill or area of the presentation is on the sheet. Study it carefully!