Discussion Feedback Page, Fall 2012


This is the page where you can give discussion feedback. Note: your feedback is anonymous for other students. Only I can see your names, so that I can check who is (and who isn’t) giving feedback. You are expected to give feedback for all the discussions in which you participate, so make sure you do keep up with it. To give feedback to a leader, click on the GIVE FEEDBACK link following their name and topic.

To help me to give feedback to leaders within a reasonable amount of time, your deadline for giving feedback is a week after the discussion… though I strongly recommend that you fill out the feedback form much sooner, so that you remember the discussion well enough to give useful comments!

1. If you are giving feedback as a LEADER, use this link.

2. If you are giving feedback as a GROUP MEMBER (not a leader) use the links below:

27 Sept.

  • Yoon Hee Seo: Should University be mandatory? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Heejin Kang: Filming people without their permission. (“Molka”?) GIVE FEEDBACK

4 Oct.

  • Yong-Dae Jeong: What does (and what should) matter more in a job application interview: experience, or certifications? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Youngseon Lee: Should criminals’ personal information be made public online? GIVE FEEDBACK

11 Oct.

23 Oct. (Tuesday)

  • Kyunghee Lee: Should corporal punishment be banned (in schools?)? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Jiyeong Kim: Voting: rights and turnout rate in Korea. GIVE FEEDBACK

25 Oct.

  • Jiyoung Choi: What do you think about our teacher-evaluation system? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Kang Tae San: What is your opinion of the “Internet Real Name System”? GIVE FEEDBACK

1 Nov.

  • Yong-Dae Jeong: Is early English education abroad good for kids? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Minju Lee: Do you agree that sex offenders should be chemically castrated? GIVE FEEDBACK

8 Nov.

  • Heejin Kang: What do you think of the grading curve? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Jiyoung Choi: What do you think of relative versus absolute grading (ie. the grading curve)? GIVE FEEDBACK

15 Nov.

  • Kang Tae San: Is plastic surgery helpful in (y)our country? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Hyunjung Yoon: Are major sporting events like World Cup Soccer Tournament and the Olympics and  really useful in improving our nation’s national “condition”? GIVE FEEDBACK

22 Nov.

  • Dain Kim: Should we have to take religious-based courses in university? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Minju Lee: Should we be required to put our photos, and height/weight information, on resumes and job applications? GIVE FEEDBACK

29 Nov.

  • Yoon Hee Seo: Should school uniforms be mandatory? GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Youngseon Lee: Should juvenile delinquents (teen criminals) be punished more severely? GIVE FEEDBACK

6 Dec.

  • Jiyeong Kim: The Pros and Cons of Mercy-Killing. GIVE FEEDBACK
  • Kyunghee Lee: Should Korean presidents be allowed to serve for more than five years? GIVE FEEDBACK