For Other Teachers/Instructors

Hi there!

I’m a longtime teacher, so I know: every educator worth his or her salt is a magpie, constantly searching for goodies to steal and use in the classroom.

There’s plenty for you to pilfer and use here. Have a look under various class listings in the sidebar to the right, and see what you can find. Each class page includes a syllabus (usually in the first post) as well as announcements for each weekly subject or topic for most of the classes. (Depending on the class and the semester, sometimes these postings are not exactly comprehensive, but they do give you some idea how I ran classes.)

However, the one thing I ask is that, if you make any other use than direct and practical for these materials, attribute them to their creator. That is, if it’s an exercise I’ve devised and you want to use it in a book or some other money-making venture, please contact me first, and give me credit for my creative work. If you’re using someone else’s material, please make sure the attributions remain intact. Developing materials is a constant effort, and we should at least respect people who do that.

I also have an archive of teaching materials on various hard drives, things I’ve accumulated over the years, and I’ll be posting and sharing those online soon (ie. sometime in late in the spring or early in the summer of 2015, if things go according to plan). I’ll announce it on my main blog so you might want to follow that site and keep your eyes peeled for an announcement, but I’ll eventually port the materials here and build an index so that interested parties (including me!) will be able to easily find and access them.

Finally, I will be adding some general ideas about how to structure courses in ways that help alleviate some of the common problems in Korean university situations. Again, I’ll announce those additions on my main blog, so it’s a good idea to look there.