Presentation Contest Materials and Schedule (for Fall 2010)

Here are some materials that will be useful for you in preparing for the Presentation Contest. This .zip file includes the handouts from the workshop, the Presentation Questionnaire, and scans of the presentation contest applications from past contest winners:

If there are any problems with the files, please email me and let me know.If you have any questions while preparing your first proposal, feel free to ask any professor in our department (Profs. Shim, Lee, Gates, or Sellar) for help. But please remember that we are all busy people. If you come and see us, you must at the very least have thought about a topic and filled out your Presentation Questionnaire. It is your job to have the ideas, and our job to provide you with only advice and guidance if you need it.However, after the evaluation of your Presentation Contest Application, you will be assigned to a specific professor for advice if necessary. (If approved, you will not be assigned to a professor.)Also remember that if you fail to apply to participate in the contest by the first proposal deadline, you will not be able to participate in the contest.The tentative schedule for the Application process is as follows. (This may change, I’m not sure. You will be notified if it changes.)

  • First Proposal Application due: 15 October
  • First Proposal Results Announced: 19 October
  • Second Proposal Application (for applicants of First Proposal who were asked to resubmit) due: 29 October
  • Second Proposal Results Announced: 3 November
  • Presentation Contest: 10-11 November

Note the above rule: in order to be eligible to participate in the Presentation Contest this semester, you must:

  1. Attend the Presentation Contest Workshop (6 October). For those with a very good reason, you might be able to beg permission. However, having a class at the time is not a good reason, as we will provide you with official excusal documents.
  2. Submit a Presentation Contest Proposal (on or before 15 October).
  3. Have your Proposal (first or second try) officially approved by the professors.

Good luck!