Here we go!

Welcome to Intermediate English Composition, everybody. The semester has just begun and I’m still working on setting up our class blog. When it’s ready, I’ll let you know!

I’m teaching 2 Intermediate English Composition courses, but the two classes will have a lot of the same homework and assignments, so I’m going to use one page for the two classes.

When I need to, I’ll differentiate between classes in the following way:

The class that meets on Monday and Wednesday will be marked MW.

The class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday will be marked TTH.

Sometimes your assignments will be different, so you need to pay attention to this.

I’ve decided that both classes will blog together — because it’s easier to keep track of your posts, fairer for evaluation, and more interesting to be blogging with some people who aren’t in your class. I’ll announce when the blog is ready in class and show you how to sign in and post there.

Until then, here is a copy of our syllabus: Intermediate English Composition syllabus. Please make sure you have your textbook for the next class!

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