Confused? Read This!

Hi there!

Last week, class was a little rushed, so maybe I didn’t make some things clear. So I’m doing that now.

You’re probably wondering about your assignments and what’s happening next week.


Next week (Nov. 13 – 17) we’ll be meeting at my office, not at class. Students must sign up for a meeting. Students in my TTH class have already signed up, but students in the MW class need to go to my office and sign up on the door for a meeting. There is a paper on my office door. (My office is N223.)

Every student will have ten minutes to discuss his or her essay with me. I’ll explain my comments and my thoughts about how to expand your essay and get a better grade on the final version of this essay (which will be your final exam). Because ten minutes is a short amount of time, you ought to prepare for the meeting. You should:

  • bring a copy of your essay
  • prepare some questions that you want to ask me, if you have any
  • think before the meeting about how you will expand your essay
  • bring along any research notes you have made with information that you plan to use in expanding your essay


Last week, you started writing an essay with your partner(s). You’re writing a short compare-and-contrast essay about Korean and English (or, for some of you, Chinese and English). I said to both classes that you need to give it to me on Monday, but that’s silly, since we’re meeting all week.

So I decided that the deadline for these essays, for both classes (MW and TTH), is Thursday at 5pm. Please DO NOT put the essay under my door. Instead, please put it in my mailbox in the English Language & Culture Department Office. You can feel free to submit the essay before that time, either to me or to my mailbox, but the absolute deadline is Thursday, November 14th 16th at 5pm.

Any questions?

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