The Caribbean

Here we are, finally, somewhere warm–a welcome relief from the winter outside.

This week, we’l discuss the Caribbean. This isn’t a single country, or even a universally English-speaking country, but a reagion in which some countries are Anglophone. We already have seen a student presentation on Rastafarianism and Reggae Music. This discussion will delve into notions of Hybridity, of language Creoles, and look closely at some of the politics involved in songs by Bob Marley.

Here’s a map of the region.

Here’s the sample MP3 of Nalo Hopkinson we listened to (original Realaudio sample here).

Here’s the sample MP3 of Derek Walcott we listened to (from this page).

Here are the handouts from the lecture, except the short excerpt from the novel Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson, for which the audio sample above is the text.

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