Remaining Presentations

Everyone: my back problem and the holidays of the past week have really scrambled the presentations schedule. This means we’ll have a lot of presentations towards the end of semester, so they are going to be more directly focused on the text of the comic book. Here are the remaining presentations in the DAY class:

May 29th
Li Lin & Yuan Yuan — on Lady Justice (pg. 37-41, esp 39-41) & the books in the Shadow Gallery (pg 9, 18)

May 31st
Ja Kyung & Yoo Jin — on the sermon (on page 44-45), and the relationship between Church and State

June 5th

Cheol Woong, Yeong Chul, Sun Jae — on “The Vendetta” (page 79-86) and on Almond and his wife (ps. 65, 71, 76-78)

June 7th

Sae Kwang, Sun Hee, Yu Min — on differences between Evey in the film and in the book (pgs. 126-135 — her relationship with “Gordon”– & 143-147 — her relationship with her father)

Jae Won, Ju Yeon, Myung Hee — on torture (pgs. 148-172) and its current topicality

Sun Mi, Min Kyeong me — on Finch’s visit to Larkhill (pgs. 206, 210-216)

On other class dates, I’ll be leading discussion in a similar fashion, and we’ll be especially comparing the video to the book.

Remember that June 12th is the due date for your final projects, which we will collectively enjoy in class on June 14th!

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