Your Writing Homework

I was asked to post about your current homework, to make sure everyone knows what you have to do and for when. Your latest homework is the following:

  1. A revision of your Writing-Development Plan (the midterm essay) — which was revised according to the notes I made, along with your own careful reading of your work, and consideration of our recent discussions about structure. Consider our discussion from today (Thursday, Nov 8th) and write a conclusion for your essay. This revision is due on November 13th.
  2. A description of a person discussing three very different aspects. You should consider our discussion of how to arrange and establish flow for body paragraphs when you prepare this. This assignment does not require an introduction or conclusion, but if you want to write one, it’s good practice. It will be due on November 20th.
  3. The CUF article assignment. If you don’t have a copy, go and find a current issue of the Catholic University Forum magazine, which is available at many spots around campus. Choose one major article from it. Summarize the article — that is, summarize all the major points or arguments of the article, along with a few important details — and then choose a section of the article and paraphrase it. (That is, rewrite it in your own words.) This assignment is due November 22nd. (Yes, that is an extension, as this assignment was originally due November 20th.)

There is more to come, so please try to stay on top of this homework. Remember: it’s a good idea to “finish” a writing assignment at least a few days, or a week, before it is due. This lets you put it aside for a while, so that you can see it more clearly for editing and proofreading, before you hand it in.

And by the way, don’t forget your blogging homework! I’m sure you can afford some time to make a few posts and/or comments each week, and  you can write about whatever you want.

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