Poll For Business Presentations, and Some Words About Your Interview

Here are the polls for you to vote on the Business Presentations we saw during week 12 (Nov 20th and 22nd). Please only vote one time in each poll. (That is, one vote for best, and one vote for second best.)

The winner and runner up will be calculated by giving two points for each first-choice vote, and one point for each second-choice vote. This means the poll result will not immediately decide the winner. I’ll post the math publicly so everyone can see the result.

Here’s the first poll:


And here’s the second:


Finally, in class I promised a note about your interview. The most important thing in this interview is that you’re paying attention to the kinds of questions you ask. You have some freedom about how you can approach this. You could:

  1. Ask a question that you KNOW will be considered impolite or unusual, and see how the Anglophone you’re interviewing reacts.
  2. Ask questions you’re not sure about, and try to judge from the person’s reactions whether they find the question normal, unusual, or somewhere in between.
  3. Do your best to interview the person without any rude or annoying questions.

As I mentioned, one of the most important things is that you need to make the interview interesting! If it’s boring — say, consisting only of “Taxi Driver Questions,” the assignment will be considered incomplete!

You may record the interview if you like, and if the other person is willing. You may also take notes and write up the interview instead. Writing is optional, though, if you have recorded the interview. Please DO NOT email me gigantic MP3 files or video files. Please simply submit whatever media you have on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. I will set up an email account where you can send links to the files, if you prefer to host the file and let me download it instead.

Have a great weekend!

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