Homework Gallery #1: Your PSAs

Here is a gallery of the PSAs made by students for assignment #2 of the semester. Warning: some of the files are HUGE and your browser might not open them easily. If you have trouble accessing them directly from this page, it is recommended that you download all the files individually to your hard drive to view them.

A-Reum’s PSA (pdf).

Hoe Jin’s PSA version 1 (pdf)

Hoe Jin’s PSA version 2 (bmp)

Hyun Mi’s PSA (jpg)

Jeong Hun’s PSA (gif)

Ji Young’s PSA (jpg)

Jong Kyun’s PSA (flash / bmp)

Joo Young’s PSA (pdf)

Kyung Min’s PSA (pdf)

Min Jung’s PSA (jpg)

Tae Kwang’s PSA (jpg)

Woo Kyung’s PSA (pdf)

Yoon Jung’s PSA (pdf)

You Jeong’s PSA (jpg)

Yu Mi’s PSA (jpg)

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