Public Speaking: Speeches Archive

This page will archive whatever recordings I’ve made of speeches by students. They will be grouped by assignment, and are stored here for review and grading purposes.

Tell Me A Story (3-5 April 2006)

Here are speeches (in order of their delivery) by:

(If I have romanized your name in a way you don’t like, please let me know the way you prefer it to be spelled so I can correct it.)

Note: the recording level was a little bit low, but I was able to bring the volume up using MP3Gain. It’s a great little program, and if you are recording yourself on an MP3 player for practice speeches and the level is too low, you should consider using it.

Midterm Exams (26 April 2006)

Here is the archive of your midterm examinations. The grading/comment sheets will be available once all of the outlines have been submitted to me and I’ve had a chance to review them. Until then, you may listen and review your speech by downloading it from the list below. The speeches are listed in the order in which they were delivered in class:

These files have been edited with the excellent and completely free audio editing tool Audacity.If you ever want to do editing of audio files on your computer, you should consider using it.

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