Homework and Textbook News

This is the first update for this class:

First of all, I’ve found a new textbook I want to use, but I need to find out whether the University bookstore can order it. If not, I’ll be asking you to order it yourselves online. The delivery time is approximately 10 business days, but it might be less. I’ll let you know in our next class.

Your homework includes two things:

  1. Fill out the Student Information Sheet and submit it to me by the beginning of class on Monday, and
  2. Rewrite the essay you wrote for me in class on Wednesday evening, but try to (a) keep the things you did well, and (b) try to improve on the aspects of the essay you think could have been better.

The essay you wrote on Wednesday was only a sample, for me to get a better idea of your basic ability as writers. You will not have to write about this topic again unless you want to, but please make sure you do rewrite the same topic, and the same basic essay, that you wrote in class. The point is not to make a perfect essay, but to rewrite something you’ve written once already. So DON’T change topics!

See you next week!

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