Homework for March 17th

Here’s the homework I assigned for March 17th:

  1. Complete another Free Writing exercise using free word-association, like we did with “bikini-beach-sun-energy-diet-vacation”, cross out the boring parts of your free writing, and fill out the back of the Free writing exercise sheet. If you need to download a new sheet, you can find it here.
  2. If you now have a topic you like, then you can work on a topic sentence. (Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about how to write a good one soon, but go ahead and try one out for now.)
  3. If you have a topic and a topic sentence, write a word list of ideas or words you think you’ll need to use in English to discuss this topic. If you don’t know the English word for a concept or thing, then write the word in your first language, and you can pay attention in your research to see which word is used by the experts. (ie. a dictionary won’t tell you which translation is the right one, so pay attention in your English-language research.)
  4. If you have all of these, make a trip to the library and pick up some sources related to your topic. I recommend at least 60% journal articles, and the rest should be good sources. (ie. Newer books by experts, as opposed to old books or books by non-experts.) You don’t need to bring those books to class, just make sure you have them and start reading them for your essay research!

I’ll be assigning some new homework tomorrow (on March 12th) so make sure you’re getting this stuff done! The worst thing to do is to fall behind!

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