UPDATED: Essay(s) to Read for Critique, Week 3

Hi there. I’ve only received one of the two essays for our Wednesday evening critique session, but that’s okay: we’ll probably only have time for one essay anyway, after I explain how we will conduct workshop critiques. But next time, Ji Hyun, you must submit your essay for discussion.

It turns out I received both essays, and misplaced one email. Apologies to Ji Hyun, who indeed did submit her essay in time. I must be losing my memory or something!

Anyway, here’s this week’s essays:

Essay #1 for Workshop Critique, Week 3 (PDF format)

Essay #2 for Workshop Critique, Week 3 (PDF format)

Make sure that you have printed and read both essays a few times, and marked things you would like to comment about. Look out for both positive and negative things, and feel free to write down questions or areas where you think the writers could improve. We’ll be discussing this essay this coming Wednesday, March 19th.

Also, here’s an old handout I used to give students regarding the Mind Map/Idea Bubbles exercise we discussed on Wednesday. If you’re interested, feel free to download it. I expect you will include one completed mind map with your other homework on Monday!

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