Outlines and An Essay for You To Read

Next Monday, March 31st, we’ll be discussing essay structure, and the planning/outlining process. Your homework before then involves the following:

  1. Submit a draft of your thesis statement by closing time in my mailbox at the English Language & Culture Department Office, which is in room 205 , 다솔관.
  2. Download, print, and review this handout about Outline formatting, and also this one about how to use outlines as an essay-template. We will be discussing the planning process and outlines, as well as what they are and are not good for. Feel free to work on planning and tentatively outlining your midterm essay if you like, but bear in mind that I will have some unusual things to say about the planning and outlining process.
  3. Print a copy of this PDF — an essay titled A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart — and read it before Monday’s class. Although the essay is very clear and mostly straightforward, it’s also somewhat long — 25 pages — so make sure you start reading it before Monday afternoon!

Remember to check back on Sunday for the two essays that you will be critiquing on Wednesday, April 2nd!

UPDATE: Also, I was reminded that I forgot to collect your “rewrites” of the various theses from the exercise last week. I will be collecting those next week (Monday or Wednesday is fine), for checkmarks towards your final homework grade.  (Thanks for the reminder, Dae Young!)

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