Reading Free Culture


I’d love it if we could get through all of Free Culture, and I’m still considering whether that’s possible. Lessig’s style is a lot easier to read than Sterling’s, but there’s still some touch vocabulary there. Still, I think it’s worth looking at, especially since Korean copyright and IP law is about to become a lot more like American law — except more restrictive.

So anyway, for now, I’m going to suggest you work on getting through the first few chapters — we’ll be reading all of Part 1, at the very least, as well as later sections, so you can’t go wrong working on those chapters, as well as the introduction and the Flash lecture I mentioned in class.

We’ll also discuss the exaggerations and fantasy-descriptions of hackers and hacking in the film Hackers, which we watched last week while you were recuperating from exams, and I’ll have a handout or two for you to check out next week, about the status of Korean internet censorship and filtration.

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