Next Essay for Critique…

Here is Mijun’s essay for critique on May 14th.

Don’t forget that your adversarial response paper is due for the same day, May 14th. You should have one copy for me, and one copy for your partner.

Since someone asked me for advice about writing it, here is what I wrote in response:

Essentially, write something that challenges your partner to acknowledge or answer a differing point of view. If your partner’s arguments are weak, take advantage of those weaknesses to disecredit your partner’s arguments. If there’s no evidence, challenge them to offer real proof. If arguments are vague, force them to clarify. If you can imagine someone disagreeing with your partner’s assumptions, take that position.  Counterevidence would be a great challenge to your partner, and thus I advise that you do indeed include some!

It’s worth trying to write something in paragraphs because it’s good practice for you. However, I won’t be grading you on grammar. The point is to challenge your partner, so focus on that. I’ll be using my checkmark system to grade it, meaning there are plus and minus but the main point is doing it and doing a good job.

See you Wednesday!

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