Responding to Nora Ephron

Your homework for the week is a 500-word response to Nora Ephron. Well, not a “response” but an essay in the style she used, writing about a similar theme: the awkwardness of adolescence or puberty.

Your essay may be read by classmates, so consider this carefully when you choose your specific topic. Try to think about your audience, and consider both your sympathetic and unsympathetic audience.

The three formatting issues I mentioned as most important are these:

  • 12 point font
  • use the font Courier New
  • double-space using the format function (usually under Format->Paragraph in a wordprocessor)

The other formatting issues you should consider are discussed here.
Finally, I mentioned two free wordprocessors with spell check and modern formatting capability: Abiword and OpenOffice.

This essay is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, Sept. 25th. We will not be meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd. Have a nice weekend!

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