Homework for Thursday Morning

Your homework for Thursday morning is as follows:

  1. Draft a paragraph on one of the three topics we chose this morning. Your paragraph should include a strong argument about some aspect of the topic. Type it, proofread it, and bring two copies to class.
  2. Download Sook Jung’s essay (which will be added to this post when I receive it), print it, and read it several times, taking notes. We will have an in-class critique workshop on Thursday morning, and everyone will be expected to talk about four things:
    1. What the essay is about, or what the essay is “doing.”
    2. What’s working well in the essay, and other strengths.
    3. What could be improved, what isn’t working well, and other weaknesses.
    4. Your one suggestion for improving the essay — what you would do if this essay were yours and you wanted to make it better.

See you Thursday! And remember: Sook Jung’s essay will be online by Wednesday morning. Also — remember that you will need to DISCUSS her essay in Thursday’s class. That means you need to have read it and prepared some comments before class. If I catch you reading the essay for the first time in class, it will have a detrimental effect on your final mark.

UPDATE: Here is Sook Jung’s essay, which you need to read and be ready to discuss  for Thursday’s Morning Crit Circle:

Sook Jung’s Essay (PDF)

See you then!

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