Script Sample

Young Ah was kind enough not only to photograph the script concept for the first scene that we worked out in class, but also to type it up. I’ve done some editing and formatted it so it’s easy to read:

Goose Dad Script Sample — Prologue (Scene 1) (PDF)

If you look closely, you’ll see a few things.

First, the text is in Courier New 12-point font. The first page of a section mentions the section, such as PROLOGUE in this one. Each image is numbered, and there’s a note about the type of image (closeup, head shot, waist shot, or body shot). Then, in a paragraph under this information, there’s text describing the scene, written in italic. Dialog is indented completely (the who paragraph, not just the first line, using the indent controls on the ruler at the top of the word processor’s window) and the speaker is clearly indicated in capital letters (like “MOM:”). Where no speaker is clear, or narration is happening, CAPTION is written in place of a speaker’s name.

If you follow this kind of formatting, then the script should be much easier to edit and to read through!

Remember, I expect a draft of the first two sections of the book (that is, Separation and Adaptation) for next Wednesday, October 8th! (Also, those who are working on Dad’s part of the script will need to finish off the introduction, as well.) On Monday the 6th of October, we’ll be talking the possible approaches to handling the art for the book. I’ll bring some samples and we’ll talk about whether we want to use HDRI or hand-drawn images.

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