Sample Images

We agreed to test the theory that students could produce quality art “imitating” sample images of characters, and I said I would upload two sample images.

As discussed, all students should draw one picture of each, to the best of their ability. The characters should be doing something completely different from what they’re doing in the picture above. (Rising a bicycle, dancing, kissing a puppy, running, taking a shower, whatever…)

The background should be relatively simple, though suited to the characters. (Superman’s background should be a little more realistic, while Marjane’s — the girl in the second picture, from Persepolis  — can have a simpler background.)

Your sample drawing should be 1/4 of an A4 page. It is due on Wednesday, along with your scripts. On the basis of the quality of the pictures, we will again discuss whether to use hand-drawn art or photography, or, as Sora suggested, some combination of both, if it seems practical.

Here they are:



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