By The Way…

Time flies when you have a deadline coming.

It was suggested today that I had posted your essay topics last week. In fact, they were posted on September 25th, which is 12 days ago today — much closer to two weeks ago than “last week,” and certainly a reasonable amount of time in which to have begun your research.

Now, I’m not pointing that out for any reason other than to note that time really moves faster than you think, especially when you have a deadline coming. This is one reason I bugged you so much last week to start researching, and also why I’m bugging you to start drafting now.  Essays that are written at the last minute are no fun for anyone, and when I’m not having no fun reading your essay, the grades I will hand out might be somewhat lower that it would otherwise be.

Just something to think about. If you want a good grade, you must hand in quality writing, and quality writing just takes time.

Your homework as of today is as follows:

  1. Submit an annotated bibliography including at least five sources. Here is an example of what I’m looking for:

    Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

    Your first annotated bibliography is due Thursday, with five sources. I expect an updated version a week from Thursday with a few more sources as well.

  2. You should have the two essays we will be critiquing read, marked-up, and ready to discuss at the beginning of tomorrow’s class. I will also discuss editing marks briefly during the class.
  3. You should write a response to the two authors whose work you are relying to using a template (as outlined here) for next Thursday’s class.
  4. You should be making a strong effort to either begin drafting your essay or begin researching immediately. You currently have twenty days, not including today, to produce an essay. Five of those days (or more, depending on your exam schedule) are midterm exam weekdays.

Don’t forget the essay-writing process I mentioned. You will seat a daily wordcount deadline of between 250-500 words, revise your work as you go along, and post your daily expansions to the Discussion Board. Please start a new discussion for your essay, titled: MIDTERM EXAM: CHULSOO LEE. (But use your own name.) You are free to read and comment on others’ essays as usual, but you must work daily (or post a reason why it was not possible, and make up the missing words on subsequent postings).

Have a nice day, and see you Thursday morning.

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