For next time…


Here’s the question I asked you to think about for next class:

What is the relationship between “Thomas King as a Native American author”, “the white Canadians” in his story “How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta…”, and the “Indian” characters in the same story.

I also asked you to check out The Lone Ranger. Here’s a clip I found:

I’m particularly interested in the races of the various characters in the show, which are pretty obvious from this clip:

(We’ll discuss this clip in class and try to relate it to Thomas King’s story… pay special attention to the shots of each character at the beginning, and the relationship between The Lone Ranger and Tonto.)

Here’s a clip from the animated Lone Ranger series, with a pretty standard depiction of Native Americans as primitive, exotic, primitive, magical, primitive, dangerous, primitive, superstitious, and did I mention primitive?

The dialog in this clip between Tonto and The Lone Ranger is pretty revealing:

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Finally, for a modern response to the relationship between those two characters, and how a real Tonto might respond:

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