Essay for Crit

Here’s the essay for critique for Thursday’s class.

So Young’s Midterm Essay (for Crit, PDF)

By the way, sorry for the delay but I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the file work for everyone. There was an update in Adobe and now older PDFs don’t always work. If you’re having trouble seeing this file, try one of the following things:

  • Use an older version of Adobe. (Adobe Reader 8.0 works for me; here’s a Windows download link…)
  • Try an alternative PDF reader like Foxit Reader.
  • Email the file to yourself using Gmail. (It’s easy to make an account, if you don’t have one, and the storage space is huge so you can save spare copies of your homework assignments there forever!) When you open the email, scroll down to the attachment and select “View as HTML” at the bottom of the email and you should be able to see the essay text.

Good luck!

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