Here’s The Owl

Your assignment for next week (Thursday morning) is to create a Works Cited page using the MLA format, for at least 15 “sources” at your place. Try to use as many different sources as possible: books, articles-in-books, a CD, a DVD film, an article from a journal, a newspaper article, etc.

Pay attention to punctuation and formatting: in MLA format, they all mean something.

Here’s the MLA format page at The Owl at Purdue, where a lot of examples for many formats are available. If you can’t find an example for what you’re looking for, try one of the many other MLA format pages available online.

This assignment is due on Thursday, Nov. 5th.

To sum up, your homework is as follows:

  1. Read the essays for critique next Thursday, Nov. 4th.
  2. For next Tuesday (Nov. 2nd), write a personal essay using the “indirect mood” technique we explored earlier.
  3. Post on the discussion board about what you want to discuss on our Tuesday classes for the rest of semester. Eon Joo started the discussion here.
  4. Today’s new assignment, write Works Cited page in MLA format for fifteen different “sources” found around your home, for Thursday, Nov. 4th.
  5. Of course, keep working on your essay. It will be critiqued soon, but that’s no reason to stop working on it for now!
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