One-on-One Meetings

Hi there!

Our class will have one-on-one meetings: you, me, and your essay. (You MUST bring your midterm essay — the copy I gave back to you — and give it back to me. No essay, no meeting!)

You should prepare to discuss your essay. For example, we will discuss:

  1. Any comments you had trouble understanding.
  2. Your plans for the improvement and expansion of the essay.
  3. What kind of grade you think the essay deserves.

The grading scale I use for essays is roughly like this:

A/A+: Wow. You amazed me. I am extremely impressed. (A+: I actually learned something reading this!)

B/B+: Very good, but not absolutely outstanding. There is room for improvement, but it’s still quite good.

C/C+: Okay, but not quite good. If you didn’t proofread sufficiently (or at all), if you didn’t edit, if the essay was difficult to understand, but you seem to have made an effort anyway, then you’re in the C-range. Insufficient research will put you in this range. Good ideas combined with structural problems will put you here. No unique ideas will put you here. You cannot get above this grade without at least a significant amount of research.

D/D+: You handed something in. It was difficult to read, nonsensical, totally the wrong type of essay, very poor quality, or insultingly hastily done. No research will put you in this range.

F: You plagiarized (copied from a source). Your essay was  unreadable, machine-translated, or otherwise undeserving of consideration for a grade.

Think hard about where you think your essay fits in.

Our meetings will be as follows:

9:00am — Eon Joo
9:10am — Ji Hye
9:20am — So Young
9:30am — Ye Hyun
9:40am — Yoon Jung

9:00am — Han Goo
9:10am — Sook Jung
9:20am — Soon Jae
9:30am — Chang Ho
9:40am — Min Joo
9:50am — BREAK
10:10 am — Bo Young
10:20 am — Jin Joo
10:30 am — Jin Young

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