More Stuff From Authors We’ve Studied

Here are some random things from authors we’ve studied, in case you’re interested or curious!

Nalo Hopkinson on not being white:

and on the political side of creating imagined worlds:

A video promoting a stage production of Larissa Lai’s novel Salt Fish Girl:

And here is Larissa Lai’s blog.

An interview with Rohinton Mistry, and another… and one where he talks about giving up his bank job to write novels. (Shades of Sohrab?)

An article by Evelyn Lau on experiencing racism in a multicultural city (Vancouver) and an interview.

Some more poems by Roo Borson. I think that’s about it…

And finally, a couple of interviews with Pico Iyer here and here, plus a long lecture by him on “Searching for Home/Self in a Fast-Moving World”:

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