Self-Evaluation for Midterm

Hi there!

Here’s an example of the self-evaluation paper I expect you to hand in on Monday, October 19th. The example is ridiculous, but the (scary) student touches on all the important points:

  1. what he is learning
  2. what he is doing well
  3. what he is not doing well, or in other words, what he can improve
  4. his plan for improvement and for study during the rest of semester — in class and outside class alike!
  5. the grade he thinks he has earned (so far)

I’ve made it silly for your enjoyment, but it’s actually a pretty good example of a self-evaluation paper… though of course yours will not be so crazy, you should also touch on the five points above.

Okay, here is the example paper:

Listening & Speaking Midterm Self-Evaluation Paper (PDF)

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