Assignments and So On…

Folks! Many apologies for not having had a chance to post this till today! Life has been HECTIC!

Okay here are your assignments and due dates:

1. Pardon Me?

(This is the make-up assignment  for the 휴강 on Monday, Nov. 16 because of my conference. I decided to let you choose partners in the class, in case some people don’t show up — it will be fairer for people who might otherwise be stuck without a partner)

Students will meet at our normal classtime, ie. at 2pm in the classroom, bringing along a video cameraor other device capable of recording video. Students will choose one partner. (Student MUST work with only one partner. The only exception is one group of three students is possible IF it is the only group of 3.)

Students will go out into Yeokgok (or, if you live in Yeokgok, another nearby neighborhood) and interact with everyday Koreans (say, in barber shops, shoe shops, or restaurants) without speaking in Korean, or showing that they understand Korean. Rather, students must rely only on their English communication skills.

In other words, students will use English to communicate with whomever they need to in order to get things done. (Getting a haircut, ordering lunch, trying on some new shoes, etc.) Both partners will speak only in English.

Students will accumulate 15 minutes of themselves interacting with Yeokgok (or other) people in English. Both partners will burn their 15 minutes of footage onto a CD-ROM and hand it in by Wednesday, Nov. 18th. (Don’t bother doing fancy production or effects… just give me the 15 minutes of footage.)

NOTE: The point of this exercise is not to stop foreigners on the street and talk with them. The point is to use English to speak and interact with average Korean people who probably speak a little bit of English but not much.


This is the student-created homework mission #2. It involves making a blind date with non-Koreans, specifically with international students studying at CUK (or, if you like, students at another university).

You Must:

  • work with a partner (ie. double-date). Use the same partner as you used for your the video project above. You will find a potential date for your partner, and your partner will find a potential date for you.
  • be up-front with the potential date that the blind date is a homework assignment
  • use English throughout the blind date to communicate
  • be careful to use culturally appropriate language and questions
  • have fun on the date!
  • Take a group picture during the date, and submit it with your video.
  • after the date, interview your partner’s date (at least 5 minutes) about the experience, including your partner’s English ability, the differences in dating culture between Korea and the foreign student’s country, ask whether your partner’s date would go out with your partner again, and so on. Keep it light and fun, but try to learn something interesting.
  • after interviewing your partner’s date, videtape a 10 minute discussion with your partner (classmate) about how the date went.

You Must Not:

  • be culturally inappropriate
  • switch to Korean or other languages when speaking to your partner or your dates
  • spend more thanW20,000 on the date (unless you REALLY like your date, hahaha)
  • get in trouble with your real-life boyfriend or girlfriend
  • be boring. DON’T BE BORING! If your dates look bored, suggest a new activity!

Purposes of this Assignment:

  • To make happy memories.
  • To look at differences in informal social settings (like dating cultures), and how to use English in those settings
  • To make friends with International Students, since the students making this exercise expect that International Students are often bored on weekends.
  • To think about (and experience) the usefulness of English as a Global Language, with people who are not native speakers as well as with native speakers.

Due Date:

Submit the burned CDs with your interviews/partner-conversations to me in class on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009.

#3. The Video Remakes:

I will be uploading the videos today. Please download them and we will discuss them in class (and vote for the best videos) on Monday, Nov. 23rd.

Have a great weekend!

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