Homework for Week 1

Folks: here’s a list of the homework for Week 1 (ie. due Tuesday of Week 2):

  1. Pick up a copy of a mass-market English-language magazine. As I said, I don’t care whether you choose something simpler and more basic (and learn about structure and attention-grabbing) or choose something more intellectual (and learn more about complex, sophisticated writing). Remember, I asked you NOT to choose Time magazine for this purchase. I also recommend not choosing People magazine. Here are some magazine titles that come to my mind:
    • “Simpler” Magazines:
      • Cosmopolitan, Vogue
      • Maxim, Men’s Health
    • More Challenging Magazines:
      • The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly
      • The Economist, Newsweek
    • Specialized Magazines:
      • Guns and Ammo, Snowboarder Magazine
  2. Read through the copy of the CUF magazine that you received in class today. Think about the range of styles and topics in the magazine. This is in the rough ballpark of what we’re looking for in your articles in our class, as well as the magazine in which your own work might get published, so reading the magazine is a great idea!
  3. Write a list of 5-6 topics which you think would make interesting reading for your fellow CUK students. The topics don’t all need  to be serious, but they shouldn’t all be light or “puff piece” topics, either. We also need “think pieces,” like the articles on suicide and city redevelopment in Seoul which are featured in the current issue. As well, we could use a few interesting interviews, so one of your topics could be a suggested personality on campus who’d be interesting to interview for the CUF. Submit your typed list of possible topics to me in class on Tuesday next week.
  4. Work with your assigned partner or group to fill out the Student Information Sheet you got in class. (Or see below to download another copy.)  You will interview your partner, and fill out his or her information; likewise, your partner will interview you and fill out your information. After the interview, rank how interesting the interview was, by rating it from 1 (really not interesting) to 5 (very, very interesting). Attach your photos and submit the Student Information Sheets next class (ie. on Tuesday).

That’s it! See you next week!

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