The Homework I Forgot to Mention

We got rushed at the end of class, so I forgot to mention your weekly exercise homework: for next Wednesday, write a scene that includes both the flat character you sketched in last week’s homework (which you just handed in today), and another, new character. The second character is a more “rounded” character. The interaction between this rounded character and your flat character should be told from the 1st person point of view, from the perspective of your rounded character.

Next time, we will talk a little more about rounded characters, as well as critiquing the three fiction excepts posted earlier.

Note: normally your weekly writing assignment is due on Monday. While I am giving you an extension, be aware you will also have  to prepare critiques for Wednesday next week; it’s probably a good idea to finish this assignment sooner anyway.

The title for this assignment is: When Flat Meets Rounded. Please include that assignment title somewhere at the top of the first page of this assignment when you hand it in, to help me keep track of your work. Thanks!

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