Hi folks,Here’s what’s going on:

  • You should have received my feedback on your midterm article by now. If not, they are available at the Department Office. You are allowed to keep your article, but please do take care of it. My comments and feedback should be useful as you work to edit your article.
  • The deadline for submission to the CUF for the midterm article is Monday, May 31st. You MUST submit your article by 9am on May 31st in order for the assignment to be considered complete, and you also must have made some changes and edits according to the suggestions of classmates and my own feedback.
  • I will be grading and giving back your interviews sometime in the next week or two. Some of you will receive a bonus mark for an outstanding interview; I will also ask you to edit and submit any outstanding interviews to the CUF for publication.
  • The due date for your final articles is 10 June. I will give feedback to you about your articles by the end of exam week, and you will be required to edit and submit your articles to CUF by June 25th in order to receive a grade on our class. (If you do not edit and submit the article, then the final article will be considered incomplete.)

We’ll be doing critiques on new articles starting from our next class, so if yours  isn’t at least started, if not drafted by now, get to work!I hope you’re enjoying the festival!

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