Book Club!

I received a message from a student about a new club she wants to start within the Department of English Language & Culture — though I imagine she wouldn’t mind students from other departments joining too! Here’s the information:Hi. This is Seoyeon Kim, a student in the Department of English Language & Culture at CUK.I’m about to start a Book Club.My idea is that if we read and discuss books in English, it will help us  to improve our English — our reading comprehension and writing abilities, of course, but also our conversational and public speaking skills.The idea is this: We will choose English books and then read them at home; then we will meet and discuss each book together, one by one, regularly. It’s a great, fun way to keep challenging ourselves and developing our English!If you have any questions or are interesting in joining us, then please contact me either by email or telephone:email: [email protected](You can copy the link and use in your webmail; or if you click the link and open in your email program, this will create an email with a message already written. You can add to it, or delete a part of it if you want.)phone: 010 9514 7409

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