Video & Report

Hi everyone! While I didn’t (and won’t) grade you on in-class speeches, I do want you to evaluate yourself. This is simple: I want you simply to report on the following for each speech you make for our class:

  • In general, how you thought the speech went.
  • How successful you think you were at doing the things we were focused on. (For example, in your first speech, eye contact and projecting your voice.)
  • What things you would like to do better.
  • How you plan on improving–in a specific, concrete way, how will you alter your approach to speaking, practicing, or whatever?

As I said, I’ll be posting a video soon for you to review before our next class. Information about your next speech assignment (which will be impromptu, ie. you will not prepare your speech ahead of time) will be included in the video. That video might be online anytime soon, but I’m not promising anything before Sunday.

Also, I was reminded by a student that I hadn’t updated the homework listing for this course, unlike the other courses. So here’s what’s  been assigned so far:SPEECHES:

  1.  Tell us a story. That is, retell a fairy-tale story in a modern setting. When giving the speech, focus on getting your voice projection, eye contact, posture and self-presentation right. In-class feedback will be provided by peers and the professor.


  1. Submit a description of the public speaking you see during the space of a few days outside of our class–speeches by students in class, lectures by professors, people giving speeches on TV or the internet, and so on. Focus on what those people do well, or do not so well, and what you can learn from each speaker. (Due Week 3, I think.)
  2. Submit a colorful, imaginative explanation (of at least 500 words) describing what’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you if you mess up a speech. Remember: the more ridiculous and far-fetched it is, the more useful it will be for you to remember your story when your anxiety hits!
  3. (as discussed right above) Submit a written discussion of how you feel your speech went, for speech #1. (The Fairy Tale.) See above for more details!

I think that’s the important stuff, so far. See you next week!  

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