Discussion Leading Schedule

Here’s the schedule as it stands. It is incomplete at the moment, as we will have to schedule one “make-up” class during which three people will be doing their Discussions. We will therefore be splitting into three groups at that time. If you are not on the schedule, please email me a note with “SCHEDULE MY DISCUSSION”in the subject header (to help me filter it in my email) and I’ll let you know when the make-up class has been scheduled.

By the way, the topics may not be final. Some students have not yet chosen a topic (and are marked “?”) while others may change their minds before the discussion date. That being said, here is the schedule as it stands:

7 Oct.:

  • Yangrae: Children’s Literature
  • Jihoon: Homosexuality

14 Oct.:

  • Minjae: Unexpected Pregnancy: Who’s Responsible?
  • Miju: Is Marketing Good or Bad?

21 Oct.: Exam week, no discussions.

28 Oct.:

  • Sora Kim: Anonymity On The Net
  • Yue Jinxian: Family Violence

2 Nov. (evening):

  • TBA

4 Nov.:

  • Young Dae: ?
  • Hana: ?

11 Nov.:

  • Seoyeon: Stop Putting Kids In School
  • Byunghoon: ?

18 Nov.:

  • Jungnam: Driver’s Licenses
  • Seung Yong: ?

25 Nov.:

  • Soyeon: ?
  • Minjung: The Subway Fight: The Old Lady and the Girl

2 Dec.:

  • Kyong Jin: Children Studying Abroad
  • Heejeong: ?

9 Dec.:

  • HeXiao: Mysterious Things
  • Wang Lu: ?
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