Creative Writing Homework, 12 October

Hi everyone!

Your homework for today is:

  1. to access and review Seoyeon’s story, which is here.You will critique as per usual critique method (and upload a written critique for her) by next class.
  2. to carry out a review of opening sections of a number of pieces of writing in English (whether a pile of novels, or a few books of short stories). Take notes on them, and choose the most interesting or striking ones to analyze them. Ask yourself (and try to answer the question) why they are striking; who you meet in the opening paragraphs; what action is happening? What is being told, and implied, about the world, society,. family, culture, character, relationship, context, or whatever? What goes unsaid, but implied? What is stated explicitly? What expectations are set up in the opening, and how do you imagine they will, or will not, pay off?You will write up an analysis of three openings for me, submitting it on Tuesday, 19 October.
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