Midterm Speech Night

Hi everyone!

The location for our midterm speech is N308, and the time booked is 7:30-10:00 pm.

Here are some “tickets” for you to distribute among friends:

I will be asking the night secretary to come and collect tickets from people coming to the speech night; if she cannot come, I will collect them myself. Tickets will be collected at the end of the evening, but your friends are expected to attend as early as possible. (And to help ensure this, a schedule will not be made public until 7:25 pm.) As stated in class, you are expected to have a minimum of five friends show up in your name. Friends are not transferrable: even if you have seven friends, you cannot give two of them away to a classmate. The attendance of your invited friends will be pertinent in your evaluation.

You should write your name on the back of the ticket in order to make sure your friends are counted as attending in support of you.

Please be advised, we will be meeting for a normal class at 12:00pm on that day, as usual. Repeat, class is NOT canceled on ther afternoon of 28 October. I will be collecting a list of partners and topics that day as well.

One more thing: you will be judged individually in terms of your contribution to the presentation, despite working with a partner. I will be videorecording your speech, in order to help me evaluate your presentations more fairly. I will be looking at the same things we have discussed in class:

  • Self-Presentation
  • Eye Contact
  • Voice Projection
  • Voice modulation and control (speed, spaces, volume)
  • Use of gestures to communicate
  • Structure of your presentation (ie. outline)
  • Your content (in terms of interest, innovation, and creativity as well as quality of preparation)

You are also expected to write a Self-Evaluation about your midterm speech, and submit it to me in class on 2 November.

Have a good week!

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