Congratulations, everyone. I consider tonight’s public speaking event a success. I was pretty impressed.

Now, don’t forget you owe me a self-evaluation. It should be thorough, and be honest. I expect you to assess your speech in terms of a few things:

  • All of the issues we’ve been working on: self-presentation; eye-contact; voice projection; modulation of your speaking volume, speed, and space; use of communicative gestures; and how interesting you think your speech was.
  • What you learned from the experience of speaking to a big audience; how the experience felt, and what you learned about yourself from the experience.
  • What you wish you’d done better, and how you plan to develop that skill or ability; and what you feel was successful about your speech.
  • A clear and simple goal (or several, if you like) for yourself for the rest of semester. In fact, make some short term goals, and one long-term goal.

We’ll be continuing next week with improvised speeches telling how to do whatever you’re lucky enough to get as a result.

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