Youtube Midterms & Signup List

I forgot to post a list of whose midterm exams I can see on Youtube. I see the following videos:

  • Hee-jeong
  • Jeeyoung
  • Yuhwa
  • Boram
  • Sung Eun
  • Seoyeon
  • Im-Jung Ha
  • Saet Byul
  • Hye Ja
  • Ki-Ho
  • Yong Ho

If you have uploaded a Youtube video for your midterm and don’t see your name here, please email me with a link to the video.

Meanwhile, there are a few people missing from the database of students. The following people have signed up:

  • Kim Sung Eun
  • KimSeoyeon
  • wanglu
  • wangshengtao
  • zhongxiangyu/종샹위
  • Yuhwa, Han
  • Seat Byeul.Lee
  • Jo, hye ja
  • Kim sung eun
  • wanglu
  • wangshengtao
If you’re missing from this list, I won’t see your blog. (And that will very much hurt your final mark!) Please add your name to the list here if you’re not listed above. (Note, yes, a few people signed up twice… Wang Lu, Wang Sheng Tao, you don’t need to sign up again.
Thanks, folks!
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